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    Can NOC 2175 Apply Under Self Employed Immigration?

    1 - Can NOC 2175 Apply Under Self Employed Immigration? My main noc is 2175 but some duties are of 5241. As I think 5 series nocs comes under Cultural Activities and not 2175. If not then: 2 - Can I apply for Self Employed under 5241 and then in EE apply as 2175? would that be considered...
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    Need info regarding LMIA EE - Freelancer

    Hi, I'm 26, have a bachelor degree (Electrical Engineering 4 years), Ielts 6/6/6.5/6.5 I am working as a freelancer (web developer which has a noc) since 2011 along with studies, my question for EE is: -1 I have some employers from Canada already in these past 5 years, if they want to hire me do...
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    Question about Experience for EE.

    Hi, I'm 28, Single, have done Electrical (Telecommunications) Engineering in 2015 (4 Years degree), Ielts CLB9, (8,7,7,7), along with studies I have 4-5 years of experience as a web developer (not related to degree). Would that count or it would still give me 0 points ? Also I am a freelancer as...