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    Any recent travelers entering Canada?

    I will be travelling to Canada just before Christmas, so I was wondering if anyone had entered recently. I will be flying internationally to Toronto and transferring to domestic flights from there. I'm kind of worried about waiting in the Toronto airport and wondering if anyone had any issues...
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    Urgent travel question

    Hi all, Has anyone traveled recently into Canada? I just got my authorization letter this morning and will be booking my flight today. I will be transferring at Toronto to go to Manitoba where my spouse is working. Are there any issues with transfers at the moment? I know I am required to...
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    Spouse with COPR

    My spouse in Canada is going to be receiving her COPR within the next month or two. Knowing that landing and PR cards are being delayed severely, if she does have COPR, does that qualify her of being a "PR" for me to visit without needing an authorization letter? I did send this question to...
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    eTA written authorization for Immediate family of temporarily worker in Canada

    Hi, has anyone else applied for the written authorization for eTA and gotten an answer? My eTA passed on Oct 8rh, submitted a webform for request for a written authorization for entry into Canada on Oct 9th. Still no answer yet. How long does it take? I'm hoping to travel around Christmas.