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    Non-sds study permit applied before June 6

    Hi, Those who applied for study permit before June 6 for Sept intake, pls share ur timeline here. Both who got the visa and waiting for visa. It would much helpful for others. Thanks.
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    Medicals not updated

    Hi I applied for study permit on June 6. Most of the people who applied on May 29, have got their decision on June 3. Now, most of them have got their medicals passed. When I asked people who got their study permit refusal, they said their medicals haven't approved/updated. My medical too dint...
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    Applicants applied study permit after May 25 ( NON-SDS). Gather here.

    Hi, Those of you who applied for study permit after may 25(non-SDS/normal processing), please share ur timeline if you get ur visa approved. Below is my timeline, still waiting for decision. Applied on - June 6 Biometrics on June 11 After tat, no reply. Likewise, share urs too. Please those of...
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    Study permit rejections for Jan/June/September 2019 admits

    Hi guys, This thread is to know about the rejection reasons for study permit applications and how one can counterattack those rejection reasons. Also, it would help people arrive at a decision based on the rejections mentioned by other ppl. So, those of you who got rejection(s), please post ur...
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    Study permit after three Visitor visa rejections - Should I include explanation abt refusals in LOE?

    Hi, I had applied for visitor Visa (to visit my sister) thrice and it got rejected. Now, I got an admit from Western University,Canada. I am planning to apply for study permit. Now I have a doubt whether I should explain about my TOURIST visa rejections in LOE of study permit application...
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    Do I need to submit Resignation letter of my previous company?

    Hi, I resigned from my previous job 6 months back and currently working in another company. I stated the reason for relieving is MARRIAGE. But I dint get married yet. I told marriage as reason because of smooth relieving process. Now, in the resignation letter, it is mentioned tat the reason for...
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    Should I get three gcsm notes for my three visitor Visa refusals?

    Hi, I had applied for Canada visitor visa and it got refused thrice. Now, I am planning to apply for study permit. So, I am planning to apply for gcsm notes for finding the detailed reasons of rejection. Should I apply seperately for all three visitor Visa rejections? Or applying once for all is...
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    Study permit after three Visitor visa rejections

    Hi, I applied for Canada visitor Visa twice to visit my sister along with my parents twice and third time (applying visitor Visa) only me. My parents and I got rejected visitor Visa for the first time due to asset mistakes. Second time, myself and my parents applied, where my parents got their...