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    Do I need to include T4 document for CEC experience

    Hi, @legalfalcon and any other experts I have worked for 1 year in Canada and been working from same company from past 3 years. I have submitted and got my AoR for Nov 20th. Just realized I have not submitted my T4 documents for last year. Is it good idea to submit as additional documents in...
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    URGENT: Need suggestions regarding ITA

    Thank you :) Much appreciated.
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    URGENT: Need suggestions regarding ITA

    Hello all, My husband has received the ITA in today's draw. He is working in Toronto since the past 18 months and has received OINP nomination too. He had to unexpectedly travel out of the country due to the death in the family 3 days back. Since he may be out of the country for a month or two...
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot (Sharing my processing time)

    Our status is changed to In Progress. Does it mean a case worker is picked up our file? How long it may take for us to know the decision. Should I inform my employer about it as ours is a large company and I have individuals who have provided documents. Typically if at all they reach employer...
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot (Sharing my processing time)

    My Husband got ITA and we just submitted the applicaiton last week. Our score is 125 and NOC code is 0213 and it is under Tech Pilot. We are also landed applicant and application is EE. What would be the timeline , I read and it shows up saying processing is faster, do we have to wait for 2-3...
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    BC PNP

    Thats true, this is an employee driven program. Unless employee supports usually your application will not be processed. However, I am in the same boat. My employer is ready to support only different is my satiation is that my company registered office in Toronto and work location is in...
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    Anyone confirm if job is in Vancouver (client location) and employer is based out of other province i.e. Federal presence, are we qualified to apply? My employer has project across Canada
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    BC PNP business license requirement

    would like to know how did you manage to acquire the license. Kindly help
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    Any clue about Municipal license

    Hi, I have got an ITA for PNP program and one of the document to support my case is by the province is company of incorporation and Municipal license. I am a little confused on what supporting documents to submit for "valid Municipal Business License'. My company is federally incorporated and...
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    BCPNP Municipal Business license

    Hi, I had applied for BCPNP (tech pilot) and got an invite last week. I am a little confused on what supporting documents to submit for "valid Municipal Business License'. My company is federally incorporated and does not have a regional office in BC, but do have lot of clients and mobile...
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    BC Tech Pilot program - Are we eligible

    Anyone of you have already got PNP from BC Tech program? My husband has a job transfer from Montreal to Vancouver. We know its a coast to coast transfer, however company takes care of the transfer expenses. I have couple of questions, His company is based in Quebec and they have more 300...
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    AINP AOS - Noc Code is identified as High Wage

    Folks, My Husband has an offer to move to Calgary and we are considering this move to explore the opportunity for the Alberty Opportunity Stream option. We went through the criteria list and found that we qualify including the IELTS and his job is LIMA exempt. Only question we have is that...
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    Thanks and sorry for the delay in my response. Since we have to wait for a year, we have to take steps little bit easier now. We were checking with my husband employer on what how they can support. My husband verified with their HR and it seems the company does not give any custom letters for...
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    I was not aware about this one year experience need, if this is required then we have to wait till next year. He came early march and we joined in May. We were waiting for the paperwork to complete and we just got all the paper work done. Is it better for us to put ourselves in EE profile or...
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    Hello, We have moved to Canada through my husband company job transfer. We are here on a Work Permit through our company. I believe since this is an ICT WP, we are on an LMIA Exempt job. We are keen to apply for the PR and his company has offered a full-time permanent job for him. With this...
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    Working in Alberta, will we qualify for AoR

    Hi, I have a clarification related to filing for express entry for Alberta We are planning to move to Canada and my husband is getting transferred to Calgary for a client project in IT. His company head office is in Toronto and does n't have any office in Alberta. His job is an international...