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    Discrimination against non-PRs / citizens

    I am now seven months into my PR application, all is going smoothly, and I have an OWP valid to March 2021. I applied for a job a while back and received the terse reply "Sorry, this job is open to Permanent Residents and Citizens only." Is this legal? I have applied for another job with the...
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    Korean Police Check - Current (2019) situation

    I have been asked for Police checks from three of the countries I lived in. Korea is proving to be almost impossible. I have followed many threads on this and other websites but it seems that the document required by ICC is not longer issued by Korean police stations - some say the rules changed...
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    OWP fees help needed urgently

    I am trying to pay my fees for the the Spousal in-Canada and OWP but I can't find the place to pay for the OWP. The deadline for the OWP option doesn't end till the 31st... I'm not too late am I?
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    ***January 2019*** PR Spouse sponsorship In Canada

    I couldn't see a thread for 2019 applications, sorry if I've missed it, here's the start of one otherwise. Almost ready to send off my application package! I'm British with a Canadian husband. We are both definitely on the far side of middle-aged, been together 7 years, recently married...