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    Permanent Resident returning after 20 years away

    Thank you for the response. If you read through it is all medical reasons that did not allow us to get back. If under HC grounds I am able to prove then I think I am good. Else, what are your suggestions? Anyone else who have gone through this situation? If yes, what was the outcome? Thank you...
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    Permanent Resident returning after 20 years away

    Can you help me with my case too? Please? I need your guidance and assistance. My husband was a primary applicant back in 2006 and we got our PR. Both of us landed in Canada (lived in Brampton and Etobicoke) on April 29 2006. Both of us worked throughout our stay (have the rental agreements...
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    How to check PR status ?

    Hi, I am in the same boat. Got PR in 2006, lived there less than 2/5 years. Came back to India as my husband got a better job here. We are now ready to get back! What should I do? Which local office you went to? I mailed the high. Commission in Delhi, India. No response yet. Please help! I a
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    Permanent Residence Status

    Team, Need an input from all. My husband and I had a PR in Canada back in 2006. We lived in Canada a little less than 2 years. We had to come back to India due to family reasons - in laws weren't keeping well. Post that, I had a medical emergency (miscarriage of my first child) followed by...