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  1. fireal.jon

    Questions about landing, the first PR card, and others

    I landed last December and got my PR card end of Jan. If I log into MyCIC today it still says my PR application is 'Approved'. I tried many times to link my PR card application to my profile but the system could never find it. It still came.
  2. fireal.jon

    Ray Of Hope - 87th Draw

    You're in the wrong thread here. This thread is about people trying to get an ITA. Apart from that, take the advice on the previous page from Midnight Blessings. Chill out, wait. Things will update when they are done. You will be contacted by CIC if anything additional is needed. Its a...
  3. fireal.jon

    eTA declined due to traffic charge

    I'm not sure how you were admissible on your original IEC visa. Seems that even ppl with low end DWI's have trouble obtaining visas or residency. CIC & CBSA appear to have zero tolerance on criminal convictions. I'm not sure, you might need to consult a Canadian immigration lawyer on this issue.
  4. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    Congrats! Now you just have to wait for the card. Also don't forget to visit Service Canada and get a new permanent SIN number.
  5. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    Good luck! No need to worry, you'll be fine.
  6. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    No problems. I couldn't find the immigration hours online when I was researching either, so I don't know. I just did it during business hours to be safe. I think I was there around lunchtime on a Saturday from memory.
  7. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    Yeah I think the processing timeline varies depending their workload.
  8. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    Yes. Landed December 2nd and card arrived at my place on January 25th.
  9. fireal.jon

    My Story - CoPR Landing at Osoyoos, BC

    Thank you! I'm in West K. You don't need a US visa to flagpole. Technically what is happening during this process is that you are legally leaving Canada, then getting an administrative refusal from the US and are being returned back to Canada. So you legally leave Canada, but you don't...
  10. fireal.jon

    My IEC open work permit is due to expire before I have heard the result of my PR application

    No. The permits don't need activating.. They get sent to you in the post as you're already inland. We were never questioned at any point.
  11. fireal.jon

    lost my passport

    Oh, I'm sorry I don't know. It probably is to travel. I would think you could get your passport replaced at an embassy tho. I would maybe contact CIC directly and ask them about your specific situation.
  12. fireal.jon

    Thread For applications Through SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) Office

    PPR for visa exempt countries (ie Australia) only requires a photocopy of your passport bio page and 2 photos meeting stated specifications (you will get this info in the PPR email). The link they give is...
  13. fireal.jon

    lost my passport

    Contact your home countries embassy here in Canada and ask about getting a replacement? You've probably just misplaced the passport. I'd keep looking.
  14. fireal.jon

    BOWP confusion - two questions

    No. You will be on implied status as soon as you have submitted your BOWP application. If your PR application fails the R10 completeness check and is rejected before the BOWP is processed, then the BOWP app will be denied as well. The one exception to implied status is an IEC visa. If you...
  15. fireal.jon

    BOWP confusion - two questions

    Just to clarify... you can only apply for the BOWP once you have submitted a PR application. You can't apply having only just received an ITA. When you submit and pay for the PR application you will receive an AOR (Application of Receipt) letter via your MyCIC account and that is required to...
  16. fireal.jon

    When does CIC request you for RPRF

    For my timeline AOR was August 14th, and RPRF was requested on October 20th with PPR coming November 6th. I had medicals done in advance, but had to submit some additional documents and RCMP fingerprints between the AOR and RPRF dates.
  17. fireal.jon

    When does CIC request you for RPRF

    Processing Fee: Due when you submit your eAPR. The RPRF can also be paid at this time if you wish. RPRF: If not paid with the Processing Fee, it will be requested towards the end of the assessment process. I had everything submitted at that point including additional requested documents.. My...
  18. fireal.jon

    Please help! Job reference letter

    You're paid bi-weekly? Or did you mean to write bi-monthly?
  19. fireal.jon

    How soon before work permit expiry do you have to apply for BOWP?

    Yes, I believe so. IEC permits state that they cannot be extended, so implied status isn't valid for someone on one. Some people have been told by CIC agents that you can, but I believe there is documentation from CIC website that says implied stsus is not valid for permits that can't be...
  20. fireal.jon

    CEC application mistake!

    @jes_ON could the OP setup another EE profile now to get an a new ITA while the current eAPR is being withdrawn.. and then wait to submit the new one until the old one is confirmed as withdrawn? Or will there be issues making a new EE profile under the same stream with the current eAPR in...