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  1. k.h.p.

    Help needed in understanding my PR situation

    You would get a piece of paperwork at the border from a border officer. You wouldn't be allowed to leave the CBSA without it.
  2. k.h.p.

    ****January 2020 - Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    If you've been able to link today, AOR will most likely come soon, but in any event it means your application has been accepted for processing.
  3. k.h.p.

    *help* conjugal application QUEBEC

    You have to wait until you see what happens with the TRV. What is her barrier from living with you in the Philippines, aside from COVID - is it illegal for two women to live together in Philippines? Is she married and unable to get a divorce due to Philippines processes? Just having a job she...
  4. k.h.p.

    Trv from india

    Who knows if they'll issue it; you won't be able to issue it even if they do.
  5. k.h.p.

    Covid-19 - Travel Restrictions

    Flagpoling is definitely a bad idea right now, especially out of status.
  6. k.h.p.

    Biometrics not updated in my cic account

    The biometrics you submitted for a work permit are not being applied for your permanent residency. You must give biometrics again.
  7. k.h.p.

    Regarding Trudeau's Statement on Travel Restrictions

    Maybe but all I can say is it's going to be incredibly difficult to convince airlines etc to allow you to board.
  8. k.h.p.

    Inquiry regarding application

    You are not likely to get a response any time soon due to COVID-19.
  9. k.h.p.

    Suspended visas

    At the time I wrote that, this was not the case.
  10. k.h.p.

    Suspended visas

    Even your lawyer is making things up at this point in time.
  11. k.h.p.

    December 2019 Inland Spousal Application (With or Without OWP)

    You are required to sign it, that's mentioned in the chceklist. Many people have had their packages returned due to a lack of this signature, though if you have received AOR, you've passed the initial completeness check.
  12. k.h.p.

    ****January 2020 - Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    Yes. It takes about five days though.
  13. k.h.p.

    ****January 2020 - Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    AOR is for the PR application, not the OWP. Even if you have AOR for the PR application it is still possible for the OWP to be refused due to missing fees, documents, etc. Extend until you have the OWP.
  14. k.h.p.

    Sibling proof of relationship

    She has to have had a marriage certificate to get a passport in her married name.
  15. k.h.p.

    Will I be rejected for PGWP if I am unable to secure a Co-op, given that I am enrolled in a course that facilitates Co-op?

    As long as you continue to meet PGWP requirements (full time student except for official breaks) then you should be okay. A letter from the university explaining what happened will help.
  16. k.h.p.

    Passport may expire soon before landing

    You need a valid passport to land. Renew your passport before PR confirmation so you don't have to hope it will be processed in time.
  17. k.h.p.

    It’s official, all ceremonies and tests are cancelled indefinitely

    Agreed completely. I work for a government agency in a role that does not have access to very much personal information of Canadians at all (mostly 'tombstone' info like name and address) and I have to undertake significant procedures and protocols to be able to work from home with information...
  18. k.h.p.

    Corona Virus effect on International Students

    The situation is changing every hour. It's impossible to say what will be required next week let alone in May. The government of Canada just told Canadians who are outside the country to return home "while commercial transport remains available." Anyone travelling from outside Canada into...
  19. k.h.p.

    got Procedural fairness letter -respond

    This is a very serious issue. You could be banned for five years. You need to respond and explain why you wrongly clicked "no" in that section, and hope that your application is just refused, and that you are not banned.