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    Moving to Toronto by Dec 1st 2018 and looking for a shared condo near Downtown Toronto

    You're not going to find a place before landing. Every room ad gets 50+ replies and it's all very competitive. Book an airbnb for at least two weeks and look during.
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    Need accomodation on oct.1-5 at toronto ON

    No, if they stay in Toronto they don't need a car for either attraction. Also 5 days in Niagara Falls would be extremely boring.
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    Where do young professionals working in Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario) typically live?

    I agree that you should take the offer and reside in KW cheaply. Then you can party in TO on the weekends.
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    Apartment/Condo in GTA for rent

    One month is not enough to get to know all of GTA and decide where to live long term / make a $500K+ investment. So many different dwelling types. neighbourhoods, suburbs, etc.
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    Apartment/Condo in GTA for rent

    makes sense imo
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    Apartment/Condo in GTA for rent

    That's actually normal. As banks/phone companies/etc do hard checks it gets deflated and falls, but initially credit scores are bloated unless you mess something up. As for the search, gotta keep trying. Every decent apartment gets dozens or even 100s of applications so competition is...
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    Expenses for a single person

    If you must eat outside and 'go out' etc you probably think you need to live in a new condo and drive a car as well, so I'd say around $4000/month at least.
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    Why everyone calls Oakville expensive?

    Oakville is typically a wealthier white bedroom community. That's what most of it is made up of. The fact there are few relatively affordable options here and there points at an exception.
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    Why not legalize hostel operation?

    This is a municipal issue. It's not a Canada thing.
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    Is it advisable to leave Toronto for Sudbury

    Just do it. Subdury is fine.
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    Near UofT: Large room/1 bed apartment needed for me and my fiancé

    You're unlikely to find a landlord or roommates that would accept a couple for a single room. Just rent a condo, sounds like you have more than enough money.
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    Rental Homes in Toronto--Guys who have landed please help

    Yeah that's not legal.
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    LOL you forgot to say where the hell the apartment is. Also, what's BHK?
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    Moving to Toronto: Finding an accommodation

    You don't rent via airbnb. It's for the 2-4 weeks period (might take more) that'll pass for you to find and move into a rental property. If you're looking for cheap, be open to basements of houses. Try to keep close to the campus since it's in a noncentral area that is not easy to access...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Landed Mar 5. Approved today. I'm shook!
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    Rental Homes in Toronto--Guys who have landed please help

    Landlords won't rent to or acknowledge people who haven't even landed yet. Try once you're actually in Toronto and book an airbnb for at least 3 weeks.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    This morning my application page on CIC said 'updated' for PR card (prior to that it said 'submitted'). I clicked and went into the application and... there were no updates. Does anyone know why this could be?