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  1. urvish29

    No updates even after 8 weeks at VAC Banglore, India?

    Hello everybody, My brother has applied for student visa under non-spp category on June 14, 2018. It shows no updates except 'medical passed' and 'reviewing eligibility' on myCic account. Any idea how long does it take and any contact to get the latest update. Thanks.
  2. urvish29

    Help Needed Urgently..!

    Hello everyone, One of my friend has recently received his PPR and he has travel plans in mid-January outside Canada. Is it possible to change the passport stamping office or Extend the Passport request period? Please expertise, help needed asap.
  3. urvish29

    Is it possible to extend PPR period?

    Hello everyone, I am in so much confusion. I have already submitted my application and under CEC, it is taking almost 2 months for any application to be approved. Now I have made some travel plans outside of Canada in February. What if I get PPR in January last week, and is it possible to...
  4. urvish29

    Additional Document Required.. Help needed..!

    I have already submitted my application under CEC inland. I have shown job reference for my current job with pay stubs. But I received ADR of paystubs for Starting of job to November for the current job. Can anybody tell me what details should be there on Paystubs? My paystub has company...
  5. urvish29

    What is my current application status?

    Hello, I applied under CEC category as a single applicant. I passed the medical exam and today I checked that they have changed my Background Check to Not Applicable. I have not been asked for any additional documents. What is my current status of application? Can anybody explain what these...
  6. urvish29

    How can I sponsor my Parents if I have just received my Permanent Residence?

    Hello everyone, What is the procedure to sponsor parents if I have recently received my PR and I am the only son as my sister is already married and living in other country than Canada? Need your inputs and advises asap for my friend.
  7. urvish29

    Proof of Job Experience

    I recently submitted my documents after receiving the ITA. I am inland CEC applicant. In job experience, I submitted only Job letter and Paystubs not the T4. Even in the medical exam, I have submitted only the information sheet saying e-Medical. Will it be a problem in processing my file? I am...
  8. urvish29

    Proof Of Funds under CEC Invitation..!

    Hello, I got selected under canadian experience class in EE. I initially showed $13000 as funds when I made my EE profile. But as per CIC website, I dont need to show proof of funds because of CEC Invitation. Then what should I upload as a proof of funds document? Please give proper advise.
  9. urvish29

    Help needed..! Urgently..!

    I did my medical tests and RCMP fingerprints but I gave the wrong postal code in the address both the places. How can I correct it?
  10. urvish29

    Type of Personal Activity confusion

    I am filling up my details about personal activity. I have taken training at a private coaching for 6 months after graduation which was not my unemployment but educational activity. So what should I select in type of activity? Upon selecting educational activity, it ask me for level of education...
  11. urvish29

    Changes in NOC Code after getting the ITA..!

    I applied in EE CEC category for 10 months of experience as NOC 7246 and other 2 months for NOC 7246 only which falls under NOC B. But after getting my invitation, my new employer said, my job falls under NOC 2242 which also falls under NOC B and he has given me the reference letter according to...
  12. urvish29

    Am I eligible for CEC according to my work profile? Help Needed..!

    Hello Everyone, I was working with one company from Sept 2016 to July 2017 for full time and I was getting paid bi-weekly. I got ROE from Service Canada and It shows 38 weeks more than 30 hours and 3 weeks less than 30 hours. I got the new job from the following week. Here also the pay system...
  13. urvish29

    Work experience issue.!

    I have a job experience in India but I dont have any pay stubs but just the experience letter. Should I use it to add on foreign work exp points?
  14. urvish29

    Will Job Change create an issue?

    Hello, I got my PGWP on July 20, 2016. I started my first job in Sept, 2016 and I left the job this 14 July, 2017. Then I started my second job in the following week. My CRS score is 422 without one year experience but with this job offer. They says 50 points for valid job offer. Do I or the...
  15. urvish29

    Does my job need to be LMIA ?

    Hello, I graduated last year from one of the Toronto college and got three years open work permit. I am currenty working in my field with NOC B. They are offering a job letter declaring all wages and job duties. Do I need a LMIA approved job letter for CEC category ?
  16. urvish29

    Does your lower wage create a problem?

    Hello, I am working as a cell phone technician under NOC 7246. What should be my wages to apply under CEC Express Entry Category? If my wage is below $13..will it create a problem?
  17. urvish29

    What is my level of Education?

    I have completed bachelor's of engineering in India and I have got my degree assessed by WES in Canada. I studied two year post secondary diploma as well in canada. On CRS Calculator, what is my level of education? 1) two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees. One must be three years or...
  18. urvish29

    Change of JOB before completing a year in Past Job will be Considered in Canadian Experience Class ?

    Hello, Currently I am working with one company as a Cell phone repair technician in Ontario. I have completed 1300 hours as a full time worker. Now I have a job offer from Vancouver. If I leave this job, will my 1300 hours be counted or should I start from the beginning to apply under CEC...
  19. urvish29

    Is my post graduation work permit LMIA Exempt?

    I have three years post graduation work permit. Is this work permit LMIA exempt?
  20. urvish29

    What will be my NOC ?

    I have been working as Cell phone repair technician in one company. Which NOC should I apply for?