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    Small question - citizenship application form and signature

    Hi Guys, It's just a small concern. If anyone can respond, that will be really helpful. 1. Printed the filled application form and wrote "continue on next page" as it was looking application is over due to only one line of print on that page. I hope writing continue is fine. 2. I signed on...
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    Few days of Break between two jobs

    Hi there, May I know if I need to show a break of 5-6 days between changing two jobs while filling the citizenship form? I left a job in December and joined another job in December? Do I have to show this unemployed gap? Because in application form it appears in same month I have done 2...
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    Maiden Name Change Document before landing

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to check, if I have to provide the name change documents which I did way before landing. After getting married, I changed my name last name and applied for Canada PR with the new name. Now, I am applying for citizenship, so do I have to provide those old documents of...
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    Express entry - existing pr status of other country

    Hi everyone, Did anyone see a question asking about residence status of any other country other than your home country? Thanks Silvi
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    Parents Sponsorship 2020 Income questions

    Hi Everyone, I went to an Immigration Consultant - Jet Immigration, Brampton, Ontario. As I want to apply for my parents PR in 2020, I asked him about the income requirements. From my understanding, If I apply in 2020, I need NOC from 2016(I have less than $67K of family income for 2016, so I...
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    Express Entry Invitation and Application - PR of other country

    Hi Everyone, I have a question. Do you see any place where IRCC ask you to provide the information if you have immigration status to any other country or PR of another country? Thanks Silvi
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    Citizenship Application Questions

    Hi Everyone, My brief Info: I hold an Indian Passport and have stayed in India all of my life till 2015/2016. I am applying for Citizenship in next month after completing 3 years on PR. My 5 years eligibility period on Application is 2014-08 to 2019-08. I have a few questions as I also have a...
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    Few questions on Fingerprinting for Citizenship

    Hi Guys, I am about to submit citizenship application and had few questions related to Fingerprinting. If someone can help, that will be great. I know that getting fingerprint requests depends upon case to case. Q1. Can I voluntarily give fingerprints along the citizenship application ? (I am...
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    Any question on another PR in the application ?

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to check if there is any question in the Express Entry forms where it asks of having PR of another country ? Though I dont remember seeing it but wanted to check with you guys as I have a PR from Australia. Thanks Silvi
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    Any Successfull applicant who got citizenship after leaving canada during processing

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to know the experience of people who successfully got the citizenship after leaving Canada during application processing or immediately after the application was submitted. Leaving Canada - I mean for a long time. Like left Canada and might have come for test/oath It...
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    Leaving after applying citizenship with dual PR(AU,CA)

    Hi Everyone, I was looking for some answers, people might have experienced or witnessed some cases which might help me in making decisions. I have PR of Australia and Canada both. Lived in Australia for 4-5 months and later on moved to Canada. When I applied for Canada PR, I was having PR of...
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    Room for Rent in Beautiful 2 Bedroom Furnished Apartment

    Beautiful 2 Bedroom Furnished Apartment Short Term Room ***FEMALE ONLY*** Available from 27 August 2017 to 1 December 2017 Its a 2 BR and 1 bathroom Furnished apartment All utilities included Fully equipped Kitchen TV and Unlimited Internet 1 bedroom is occupied by me and my wife. Wife...
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    Benefits available to PR parents with new born childCan someone please help to u

    Can someone please help to understand what all benefits are available and how those can be claimed ? I am going to deliver my first child soon. Me and my spouse arrived in Toronto, Canada June 2016 and have been living since then here. May I know what will all benefits I can claim My husband...
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    Benefits available to PR parents with new born child

    Hi Guys, Can someone please help to understand what all benefits are available and how those can be claimed ? I am going to deliver my first child soon. Me and my spouse arrived in Toronto, Canada June 2016 and have been living since then here. May I know what will all benefits I can claim...
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    Visitor Visa for Parents and Sister

    Hi All, I need help in applying for Visitor Visa for my parents and sister. I am married and me & my husband both are PR and lives in Canada with Permanent Jobs. We came to Canada from India just 7-8 months ago. Now, I want to get visitor visa for my parents and sister. I am checking the...
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    Goods to follow list after landing

    Hi Guys/Asivad, I landed in Toronto couple of weeks back but didnt submit any Goods to Follow(B4 Form) list. Now, I am thinking to get some stuff shipped to Canada. Can I submit the goods to follow list now ? Is there any such way? Thanks Nitin
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    How to go with Travel Documents Process without PR Card

    Hi Guys/Asivad, I landed at Toronto on 1st June 2016. I am waiting for my PR Card but I have to go back to Delhi, India for 3 weeks or so. I came to know that to return I would need Travel Document. Can you guys please advice what to do? How much time Travel Document will take if I apply at...
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    Final Landing in Toronto with layover in Vancouver - Confused about Immigration

    Hi Guys, I got the PR recently and going to Toronto for the first time. Will be flying on Air Canada. Its having a Layover of 1 hr 30 minutes in Vancouver and then will fly for Toronto which is my final destination. I am in little dilemma as I am not sure of Immigration things at Vancouver. I...
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    Query regarding Mobile Internet Unlimited International calls and Cable TV

    Hi All, I am moving to Toronto. I would need your advice in getting below things: 1) Mobile SIM : preference is to get prepaid sim initially with 2-3 GB of internet. I wont be going with Contract, will bring my own phone. any better option with postpaid ? 2) Home Internet : Which is the...
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    Is US visa required for travel to Toronto via US?

    Hi Guys, I am traveling from Delhi to Toronto. Flight is having a stopover at Los Angeles. Just wanted to confirm, If I required US transit visa if flight halt is 4-5 hours at US airport ? Thanks Silvi