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    thanx you Gdaymate

    i did put 2 questions here and been 2 week den other and none got answer me while we are all here help each other , and just one got answer its Gdaymate so i woul dlove thnx him soo much.. plz people here share ur experiences with us we need the help
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    hello i thnx everyone did reply to message well my fiance will come soon so we get married , it arranged the 15th of next month...and we w'd love to have idea what mt fiance need nring with her from canada ( papers and doccuments) and same about me what do i need here just incase win time and...
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    plz answer my question

    hello everybody i was goin throu that great wbsite everday readin ur news and am realy happy be here and ask for ur help.... ijust have one question...idid reda lot that after interview here in canadian ambassy in morocco u have wait 1 month get ur visa , why??? is it always one month or it...
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    HELLO am jalal from moroco i have been married to usa grl and den after i got disapointed by her acctin and cheatin i back to morocco..some month after my backi did meet my dear love online and we did talk for time and we full in love she love me sooo much an di love her soo much and i never...