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  1. CanV

    Residence Calculator

    If the absence happens to be on the first day of the relevant 4 year period but it had actually started earlier than that day. For example, applicant qualifies 2015-01-15 but on 2011-01-15 while a PR, he/she was away starting 2010-12-15. I noticed the calculator disregards the days before the...
  2. CanV

    For PR card renewal, what to send other than NOAs?

    Have people been sending other documents to prove stay in Canada? Other than NOAs, should send employment letters, records, pay stubs? Should send other proofs aside from employment docs?
  3. CanV

    To those who recently entered Canada on PR

    I have recently entered Canada via Pearson International using my PR card, and my passport was stamped with a CBSA stamp with my date of entry. I am curious if it recently became a standard procedure by CBSA to stamp PR's passports as I have previously entered Canada twice with a PR card and no...