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    Ankara Visa Office Applicants Check in here! :)

    I helped an Iranian friend with her sponsorship application, the principal applicant is in Iran, bellow is their timeline: - Application received in the beginning of April 2019 - Biometrics requested end of May 2019 - Medical exams requested end of May 2019 - Application transferred to Ankara...
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    Does the sponsor fill out the imm5669e also?

    NO. Form IMM5669 is for non-citizens and non-permanent residents.
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    Rajnavi, I did not send more than 20 pics, if they ask for 20 pics you don't have to send 150 pics. It is ok to fill the document checklist half by pen and half by computer. If you have a National Identity you should give them the information, they know if Indian citizens have national identity...
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    Refugee getting married

    Your case depends on the following question... 1. Did IRB accept your claim? or they refused it... If they accepted your claim then just apply for permanent residence... If they rejected your claim, then you can get married, then apply for in-land spousal sponsorship... send me a message if you...
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    Hello Everyone, June is almost here, I will send the application to sponsor my Husband in few days, let's help each other in this thread. Useful Links: Tracker for JUNE applicants: ECAS...
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    Business visit

    I have seen people getting TRVs after the start date of their conference, school...etc.
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    Past refusal and change in citizenship

    You have to apply for ETA before you buy your tickets... And since your past refusals were not based on security concerns, you will have no problem getting an ETA.
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    TRV Refused due to "Purpose of Visit"

    It is better to submit an explanation letter with your application. Also, including an invitation letter is very important.
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    Visitor visa for Fiance

    Just apply, there shouldn't be a problem at all, make sure to state her correct marrital status at the time of the application to avoid misrepresentation when you are sponsoring her.
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    Online application attachment issue

    Do you have a representative? usually representatives (lawyers & consultants) link applications to their accounts.
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    Barcode at the end of IMM1294E Form (Study Permit Process)

    It shouldn't cause any problem, the important thing is sending the barcode page.
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    Can i get study permit without ielts???

    Make sure to write a letter with your visa application, and explain that the college did not require English for you.
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    That is weird, where is your visa office?
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    applied for visitor visa on OCT 25th from Canada

    When it comes to RCMP check, no ones case can be compared to another person's case.
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    applied for visitor visa on OCT 25th from Canada

    Just wait, nowadays RCMP clearance takes longer to come.
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    Proof of financial support

    If it is your bank account, you will need a statement only from the bank. That should be enough.