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  1. JohnPeterson

    self-employed farm category

    I am here you guys, cutting where it hurts...Before I get on with my story, my strong advice to anyone who is heading into starting his own business - it to get a lawyer or a legal counselor in business field to seat in the back of your car for you. What I am trying to say is - you never know...
  2. JohnPeterson

    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    same old ecas, thinking to order notes now, any suggestions guys?
  3. JohnPeterson

    3rd March 2018 IELTS Results...

    Hi there! Idp site is not showing 3rd march in dropdown list but 8th march is showing. Anyone knows the reason?
  4. JohnPeterson

    Immigration Acronyms

    any ever seen the acronym AB-M?
  5. JohnPeterson

    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Hey chasinglight. Ok, why is she working as LPN if she did her Bachelors in Jamaica. I know NNAS assesses based on nursing group. Which nursing group would she do the assessment for? Has she started the process yet?
  6. JohnPeterson

    AINP - SRS H1B Landing Experience and post landing related activities.

    What would be your suggestion to transfer one's funds from US to Canada while landing?
  7. JohnPeterson

    Immigration Acronyms

    what is PHEP LETTER?