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    Biometrics Main applicant only?

    Dear members, I have received BIL but it has only my name as main applicant, my wife's name isn't there (my two kids are less than 5 so for sure not required) Is that Ok if she goes to give biometrics with me on the same appointment or should I wait for another letter with her name? Thanks
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    PCC from Iraq - expat experience in Basra

    Thank you very much .. and good luck on your application
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    PCC from Iraq - expat experience in Basra

    Hi Argouga, Thanks for the details. Am in the same boat as you and I wish I have read your thread prior receiving ITA. How did it go with the LoE? did you attach it on same field where PCC for Iraq is requested? Furthermore, what is your application status? did you submit the PCC after...
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    EE Processing timelines for nominated Candidates

    Hi All, Am just wondering if it is any faster for people who got a nomination vs standard EE profiles The reasoning is a lot of checks has been already confirmed during the decision to give a nomination or not? Any ideas?
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    Processing timelines for Nominated candidates

    I was wondering if it makes any difference treating EE applications for people who have initially been nominated. Logically, it is almost the same application treated by a certain province, accepted you and then gave you a nomination - most probably they will process your EE application after...