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  1. canuck_in_uk

    PR offices questions

    There are no "PR issuing offices" at POEs. Processing is done by CBSA upon entry at the POEs. You will be required to fly to one of the 4 airports currently accepting international flights. Once in Canada, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  2. canuck_in_uk

    Claiming benefits under implied status.

    IRCC has nothing to do with the benefits, so no point in contacting them. You need to contact Service Canada about EI or CRA (starting in April) about CERB. Apps are not being expedited for anyone. The posted processing time for study permit extensions was 4 months and that was before the...
  3. canuck_in_uk

    job of a sonographer

    The poster hasn't been on the forum in 4 years.
  4. canuck_in_uk

    Can i bring my minor child with my study permit and my husband’s work permit?

    It's not a visitor visa. When you enter, you will need to request a Visitor Record for the child to match the validity of your permit. As above, you need to monitor the travel restrictions.
  5. canuck_in_uk

    Getting married to be with my boyfriend, process & advise

    Why not? As already said, it is generally the easiest path.
  6. canuck_in_uk

    Would my mother need a Police Certificates from Canada?

    If a Canadian PCC was required, it would have been specifically requested.
  7. canuck_in_uk

    Sponsoring a child who was a former PR

    How long have you spent in Canada since becoming a PR? You may be able to still meet the Residency Obligation if you spend summers and breaks in Canada.
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    Upfront medical exams are cancelled

    You can expect that everyone will face delays in processing this year. Resources are stretched and being directed to fight the pandemic.
  9. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal sponsorship

    Your plan is not going to work. You don't meet the Residency Obligation and unless you are close to 18 years old, chances of being able to retain your PR stats based on H&C grounds are quite low. If you are able to enter Canada from the US without being reported, you can't sponsor him until you...
  10. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal sponsorship

    Is she a citizen or PR?
  11. canuck_in_uk

    Deported from USA. Will I be able to apply for Canada.

    A brother-in-law is not a usual sponsor. You will need to explain why he is paying. You will explain when you apply, not when you do biometrics.
  12. canuck_in_uk

    Upfront medical exams are cancelled

    It literally needs to be one sentence: "No medical because Panel Physicians all closed due to COVID-19". Don't complicate it.
  13. canuck_in_uk

    PGP 2020

    It isn't unfair. PGP was delayed until April for other reasons and then COVID-19 happened. The government has higher priorities now in terms of dealing with the pandemic. That is reality.
  14. canuck_in_uk

    PGP 2020

    That is also how I understood it.
  15. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal sponsorship

    Not the max, just an estimate. It can take longer than a year.
  16. canuck_in_uk

    Deported from USA. Will I be able to apply for Canada.

    You were going to work illegally in your friend's store in the US, so they didn't misunderstand anything. You need to fully declare the refusal and ban. It certainly could affect your app.
  17. canuck_in_uk

    Police Report

    Include an LOE.
  18. canuck_in_uk

    Best method (minimal loss) for transferring money to Canada?

    Online transfer companies generally give the best rates.
  19. canuck_in_uk

    LMIA + 50points

    You still need to work for at least one full calendar year. You can't stack 6 months of concurrent experience from each job worked.