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    Ray of Hope - 141st Draw

    That's fine. Otherwise, you can also move it to personal details and submit the employer letter with the LOE.
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    Rejection due to in sufficient info in Job Experience Letters

    You can try but it is unlikely that they will reconsider.
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    Corona Virus Effects on Travelling (Risk of missing landing date)

    I have a feeling that PR landings will be allowed. When you raise webform request for COPR extension ask this question also.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Skip the Visa appointment, get it rescheduled if possible. Land on March 26 or earlier and then turn around and come back to US immediately using AVR.
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    Soft Landing Experience and returning with AVR

    Makde, model, year, VIN is sufficient. Plain paper is fine, no need to fill the BSF form. If you are not importing the car right now, don't include it in the accompanying list.
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    need help for pr

    You may be able to apply with husband as non-accompanying. But I am not sure.
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    Reference letter

    You can try.
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    Is it true about getting ITA?

    Yes, if you notice your EE profile you will see that you only entered the starting month and not the date. So based on number of months whenever you complete 24 months, they will award additional points.
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    Entered Canada via land showing PR card. No scanning or stamping passport. How is my exit from US recorded?

    CBP used to have a physical address where one could send their exit record. But I think they no longer have that. See this from CBP I-94 page. If you have a paper form I-94 and depart by land, you can turn the form into Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) upon entry into Canada or to CBP at...
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    fund issue

    That's fine. As long as you can explain why/how it increased during the three months.
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    Do I need to give biometrics for PR card renewal?

    You will get a request for biometrics if required. You don't have to do it beforehand.
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    You can definitely put two codes like you have planned. That in itself is not a problem. The three year experience does not have to be in the same NOC as your primary. However, I am not 100% sure whether the 3 year experience has to be in 0, A, B skill levels or not. I think it does not have to...
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    Reference letter

    Then you cannot use this experience.
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    Soft Landing Experience and returning with AVR

    Already answered the PRTD question. If they accept the address over the phone, then they will send the card over there.
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    Canadian PR in Alberta

    If there are 100 eligible candidates and they want to invite 10, they will obviously consider other factors.
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    Corona Virus Effects on Travelling (Risk of missing landing date)

    Canada is taking special measures for some applicants, but you will not qualify for those. I guess you just need to suck it up and travel.
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    fund issue

    You mean you don't have funds now or you didn't have it 3 months ago.
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    Gift deed as PoF

    No prpblem
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    Reference letter

    No, you need some proof that it was a paid job. How about income tax returns or statements?
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    Canadian PR in Alberta

    Yes, only the top candidates from in demand NOC's are invited to apply and just like the EE ITA, getting invited does not mean that you will get the nomination.