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    Establishing credit to get a mortgage: Newcomer

    Hi Alsaqqaf with 1 year of credit record you can buy with 20% down as long as you have the same employment for 1 year too. The best way is to get a mortgage broker that can guide you there are other ways too. If you are buying in ontario go to my site all the info for a firstimer is there...

    Moving to toronto in November first week 2017

    Hi Guys i recommend you to get airbnb for the first 2 weeks to a month so you get to know the city and give some time to find a property. All you need is ID, proof of immigration and money for the deposit. If you have a job you need 2 months deposit and 10 postdated cheques, unemployed will need...

    Condo building versus semi/detached/townhouse (need help)

    If I understand well you want an investment property. When buying investments with 20% down normally you breake even or make a small cash monthly. If I were you I wouldn't care about paying my mortgage fast as that will give you monthly cash flow not a bigger long term equity.By this I mean...

    buying a house in Canada

    Hi owning real estate in canada will not give you any status.

    House Price

    It all depends on the area where you plan to buy real estate. If you go to a rural area the prices increase very little compare to the gta where I work. In my opinion all investments in real estate are good as I said I work in the gta. Just read below. If you have any question go to alrivas .com...

    Re locating to Toronto in July 2017

    guys normally when you bank with scotiabank if you deposit the money you bring to support yourself while you find a job they will offer you a visa for $1000 excellent to start.

    Buy and sell a house while on a Tourism Visa

    The answer is yes,yes and yes. As I always mention I only work in the gta toronto.

    Buy and sell a house while on a Tourism Visa

    Yes he can purchase 2 or more properties without canadian status as long as he gives 40% downpayment.

    How to transfer money from Pakistan to Canada.

    Hi satd. easiest way is to find a bank in Pakistan that has an office in Canada then the process is done in the same institution is also faster. Make a letter saying I your dad's name gift this money to your name my son as downpayment to purchase a house sings it and dates it.

    Buy and sell a house while on a Tourism Visa

    Hi Karim I'm realtor in the gta. Here are the historic and monthly records kept by the Toronto real estate board. 1) If you buy a property at the...

    Mortgage help!

    New rules don't apply to you.

    Mortgage help!

    Hi paisly you need a downpayment according to your status and credit. Newcomer or investor 35% 1 year pr with some credit 15% or more 2 years pr with some credit 10% or more 3 years with good credit 5%. Don't forget that the 17th of October new mortgage rules will apply. For more info go to...


    I work with people like you all the time and they just pay a bigger deposit. You may be able to find a landlord that will accept the norm 2 months deposit but they want security.


    Completely renovated 4 brms townhome in Mississauga 3 washrooms,quartz countertop,2 parking spaces,step to transit and much more $ 2000 plus utilities,Burnhamthorpe and Erin Mills 1 minute walk to walmart and shopping.

    Looking to buy one bedroom +den in Toronto

    Hi vin22 for $200,000 your friend can purchase an apartment with 1 or 2 brms in an old building in many areas of the gta,good and not so good areas,the main concern here is the maintenance fee that will be a minimum of $700 per month. I will suggest that he buys a newer building for 350k because...

    Buying a new house

    Hi curious_toad I don't know where you're coming from but I understand you can't come and trust someone you never met before my advice to you as I said it before here is. 1) interview 3 realtors or more. 2) Ask all questions you have pay attention who's after commissions and and who's giving you...

    Buying a new house

    Hi curious_toad my advice to you is talk to a realtor in the city you want to live in. Is all about $money if you have money then all what you want in a house can be done. Here in toronto the average price for an architect to do your drawings and work on your building permit is $6000.

    line of credit

    Very simple there are 2 types of lines of credit secured and unsecured. Secured means the lender has a way to cover the money the lend you for example your house car boat etc. Unsecured is the opposite for example a credit card if you expend 10k from your credit card then you leave to your...

    Housing in Etobicoke, Toronto

    Hi in general the whole GTA is safe to live there are a couple of places where is not as safe as the rest. Etobicoke north is the part that is not so safe lakeshore is fine. By law hydro must be paid separately some places include it because they had included it before the law changed but...

    Buying a new house

    I like to add to what was previous said by scylla that if were to buy vacant land you must pay it cash as there is no mortgage for land. There are plenty of vacant lots and lots with old houses ready to be demolished in the GTA where I work. If you have the funds to build a custom home the only...