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    NOC 4012 Research Assistant

    I applied to express entry through my GTA/GRA experience and got PR just a couple of weeks ago. If you are on a scholarship and you get a stipend not a salary then they might not count it towards your work experience. It also depends on the letter you get written from your PI/Mentor or HR who...
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    Working in Dubai-Abu Dhabi should i apply for PR-Canada

    Yes in canada it depends on ur ties with canada these are of two typed primary which include having a house in canada or ur wife and children living in canada while you work in uae if they are with u in uae and you have no house in canada then u must be safe. Secondary ties inculde having a bank...
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    Working in Dubai-Abu Dhabi should i apply for PR-Canada

    What about taxes do you have to pay taxes to canadian government being a PR i have a job on canada amd uae and I want to earn some money from uae before going to canada after my soft landing ot is for two years will i be taxed from the canadian government for my stay and salary from uae if so...
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    Passports to CPC Ottawa - April 2018

    I cropped Annexe form using the snipping tool the from was very legible not extremely clear will that matter. I mean do they scan the bar code
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    Passports to CPC Ottawa - April 2018

    Stream: FSW - Outland PPR Date: April 5th Passport Delivered to CPC Ottawa: April 10,2018 PR application details in MyCIC changed to approved: Waiting Return Tracker Activated Date: Waiting COPR delivered: Waiting Used Fedex
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    Reasons for Rejection (Faraz Summary)

    I have a really good letter from my employer with all the details job description and even a table on letterhead to show my total work hours. I worked part time as a GTA/GRA for close to six year in the US. Do I need to include any additional documents like my contract letters, payslips...
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    they are processing oct 30th today for the paper application just called and found out
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    Post ITA - 11/15/2017

    It is I am in the same boat need it from sialkot and Lahore
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    Ray of Hope - 79th Draw

    its been fun hearing all of you talk. Thank GOD I also got the ita today. I am at UIUC USA as a postdoc and would soon be moving to NYUAD Abu Dhabi as a postdoc on 3rd of Jan. I need to submit my application before the 14th of February. I have half of the money rest will be given to me by my...
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    FBI US PCC which applications are currently being processed ?

    I just wanted to know what is the number that we can call FBI at
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    NOC 4012 Research Assistant

    Thanks for the reply. but my employment was part time and if you look at the following post it seems it might count. I am only confused whether both GTA and GRA positon can be counted as same work experience under the same NOC.
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    NOC 4012 Research Assistant

    just one more question, My RA was a paid position with hours written on the contract letter. i did my PhD from the US not canada so will that count
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    NOC 4012 Research Assistant

    I had a question. I did both GRA for sometime and then GTA for the same university. There were times when I was half GRA and half fulbright. Can I count all of these together as work experience. I worked for 20hours/week for close to 5years and 7 months