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    PR by bakery at Red Lobster

    Thanks for your reply, but as far as I know being a line cook at Red Lobster is a really skilled job. But I had doubt about bakery position at Red Lobster which I am completely agree with you.
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    PR by bakery at Red Lobster

    Hello, There is a possibility of become a bakery or line cook at one of Red Lobster branches in Toronto for me. I wonder that working in one of these for one year will result in getting PR through CEC or not? Thanks in advance for helping me to figure out it is possible or not.
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    (URGENT) Working as a shift supervisor at Burger King.

    I have a question: did you had a relevant education for the job experience? I have a job as a shift supervisor, bur I have a B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering and a M.A. in philosophy. I just worry that I wouldn't be eligible for CEC later on because of lack of relevant education as a shift...