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    Visa tracking

    Yes I got it 2 days back..the decision was positive..thank God
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    Sds online application for September 2019

    Applied visa 19 Aug Medical passed 22 Aug Biometrics 26Aug Visa approved 27 Aug I guess you might get your approval this week..Good luck!! My Visa just got approved today and yes I'm going to Montreal as well..good luck
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    Visa tracking

    Visa application, tracking ID No. 20190819INHYSTU81775 Decision envelope has been couriered from the Canada Visa Application Centre, on 2019-08-27 12:17:35 PM GMT Standard Time vide courier partner. To track the status of the shipment, please visit courier partner website. I got this message...
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    Tuition and fee in concordia

    My student account is showing 13000$CAD as an outstanding the amount for a year or just a semester..the due is janu
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    Still no "Receipt of documents" on CAQ?

    Hi everyone, I just got the notification "receipt of documents". How long does it take after this for me to get my CAQ