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    Multiple entry PRTD

    I'm sure it wouldn't come to that, they will give you a new PR card but when is the question. Anyways, Its not your mistake in any way so you need not worry
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    Multiple entry PRTD

    Hmmm, well "secondary processing" might be a problem. But @algdantes will let us know if any such thing happens....(do let me know how much time it took, once you get your renewed PR card) PS Please do have a look at this...
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    Multiple entry PRTD

    Thanks for the information :) Glad to know that it wasn't a mistake :D I'm assuming that even your PRTD is valid for two years and is for multiple entries ? I already have a SIN card, although it must be in dormant state, but that isn't an issue cause it'll only take few minutes for them to...
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    Multiple entry PRTD

    Yeah, I have the passport in my hand, R-1 is written under category. I was removed from Canada(in 2009) as a minor and wanted to return back(I am 18 now). That is what I wrote in my application for PRTD. This is what's written under category: R-1(on the left handside) and...
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    Multiple entry PRTD

    So I had applied for a PRTD(humanitarian grounds), Finally after 4 months, I got my passport back with a R1 category visa which is valid for 2 years and is for multiple entries. What I want to know is, once I go back: Do I apply for a new PR card or apply for renewal ? (my PR card expired in...
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    Applied for PRTD gave Client ID instead of PR card number

    Replied on your other post as well, it's valid for 6 months from the date of stamping.
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    PRTD India

    Its 6 months from the date of stamping.
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    It's valid for 6 months from the stamping date
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    PRTD India

    When you'll pay the fee for the PRTD to the vfs, they'll give you a receipt with the tracking number.
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    Applying for PRTD

    Welcome to the club, I too have a similar case as you(was removed as a minor). I had submitted the application for a PRTD on the 19th of January and one month has gone by but the status of my application is still "Being processed". If you need any further help, let me know
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    Processing time for PRTD on H&C

    Hi, I applied for a PRTD on H&C grounds(was removed as a minor). It has been a month but still the status hasn't changed from "being processed at the Canada Visa Office, CHANDIGARH". Anyone got any idea how long it is supposed to/will take ? Thanks
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    Joining high school when 19 ?

    Hi, I am a PR, and my parents decided that if I did my grade 11 and 12 from India It'd be beneficial for me. Here I am doing grade 12 CBSE with Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Art. Final exams are on the 9th of March, and I think there are 50% chances that I'll fail.... If I do...
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    Applied for PRTD gave Client ID instead of PR card number

    Thanks, your reply helped more than you known. I was really worried, hope everything works out. I wonder how much more time it's going to take.....
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    Applied for PRTD gave Client ID instead of PR card number

    Hi, Last month I applied for a PRTD through VFS Jalandhar. I just realised that in the section where I was supposed to write "The number on your Record of Landing, Conformation of Permanent Residence or Permanent Resident Card", I wrote the client ID which was written on my COPR and PR Card(the...
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    PRTD processing time from India

    I applied on the 19th of Jan, my case is a bit more complex. PR card expired in 2013(was removed as minor and now am applying right after turning 18). Lets see how much time It'll take....
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    Applying for a Permanent resident travel document(PRTD)

    Hi guys, wish me luck. I'm traveling to the Jalandhar Vfs tomorrow. I'm taking the following with me: 1) New passport with 2 photocopies 2) Old expired passport(which has the visa) and 2 photocopies 3) Expired PR card and 1 photocopy 4) Original COPR + 2 copies 5) 2 copies of my visa +...
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    Document that indicates your current status in Canada ?

    Hi, I am a Indian citizen(18) with an expired PR card and will be using a PRTD to return to Canada. I have applied to Canada universities and the admission process has started(I'll be going back to Canada in June or July). One university asked for a photocopy of my PR card. Now as it was...
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    PR and SIN card renewal

    Hi, I'll be flying back to Canada on the basis of a PRTD in June 2017. My PR Card(issued in Vancouver) had expired in October 2013, I have a SIN card(starts with '7') but it must be in dormant state as I didn't use it after I moved back to India. Me being a minor(9) when they(PR and SIN cards)...
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    Was a Minor when PR card expired, Can i reapply now that I'm 18 ?

    Oh, I didn't know that even SIN cards become dormant..... Even SIN card of minors become dormant ? Thanks for the information
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    Scholarships, OSAP/StudentAidBC and PR card renewal

    Hey guys, I'm a permanent resident currently studying in grade 12 at an Indian high school, School's going to finish next year around June. I'm planning to apply at schools in BC and Ontario but Ontario is my preference. I'll be applying at McMaster, Waterloo, Western Ontario, U of T, and...