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    Room is available for PG in Edmonton

    hello bro is room available?
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    3 bed room in Main Floor Edmonton

    is it available?
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    Moving to Edmonton

    hey r u going to edmonton?
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    Difference between non credit and credit course and will non credit course has points in express ent

    hey bro i am also going to pursue one year gloabal mgmnt course from macewan i have same question as u, if u got the answer pls reply me
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    yeah i think r u in alberta?
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    Looking for Roommate(s) to rent an apartment with in Edmonton

    Hello I need accomodation Will arrive in edmonton in july end Please help How much far it is from macewan university?
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    September Intake 2019

    +918053855724 My whats app
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    September Intake 2019

    +918053855724 My whats app
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    Visa for 2018 may intake and offer letter

    anyone going edmonton for sept 2019 intake?
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    Looking for Roommate(s) to rent an apartment with in Edmonton

    hello i need accomodation i got admision in macewan univ for sept 2019 intake and will be flying to edmonton in july
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    New thread - Waiting for oath - Edmonton Office

    anyone going edmonton or there already i got my visa and flying there in july this year need guidance for accomodation thanks
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    September Intake 2019

    anyone going edmonton sept 2019 intake?
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    i have 17backlogs but i didnt attached them in my visa filing . i got my visa a week before, dont take tension , i was worried too but i learned that backlog certificate is not necessary to attach .
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    Concordia uni edmonton

    am going macewan univ edmonton for sept 2019 intake
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    Macewan University sept. Intake 2017

    got visa for sept 2019 intake mac ewan university anyone available?
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    2019 Applicants from Tanzania gather here

    hello got visa today for fall 2019 macewan university is anyone there?
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    macewan university sept 2019 intake

    is anyone going macewan university for sept 2019 intake?
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    Did Anyone got reply from University of Alberta ??

    hello i got visa today for fall 2019 going macewan university alberta
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    Anbody going Macewan for fall 2019

    Anybody going Macewan university for September 2019