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  1. sapguru

    Option for not meeting residency obligation as a PR holder

    Thanks for the feedback. Quick questions - if the PR card is expiring on June 2022, PR holder enters country in March 2022 with the fact that by June 2022 his PR obligation will not be met, would the Immigration at airport allow him to enter? And would he have to leave by June 2022? Thanks in...
  2. sapguru

    Option for not meeting residency obligation as a PR holder

    I would like to hear from the forum on the options when a PR holder is not able to meet to 790 days obligation, especially not being able to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions. Thanks in advance.
  3. sapguru

    PGP MNI with married in 2018.

    Thanks for feedback. Would you have a supporting documentation for it? The CIC website is not clear on requirement. If you are sponsoring a parent or a grandparent, you must meet the minimum necessary income requirement for each of the three taxation years immediately preceding the date of...
  4. sapguru

    PGP MNI with married in 2018.

    This may have been asked few times already. My cousin is sponsoring his parents this year and he also got married this year. He maintained MNI for last three years for 3 persons. Does he disqualify since his family size is 4 now? His spouse is not in Canada and has not been sponsored yet. She...
  5. sapguru

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    This shall be dealt politically. Newspaper/Media is going to be helpful. Media helped to bring lottery system in place last year but CIC did not do good job of forming a good system. Pls reachout to a number of papers especially in Ottawa.
  6. sapguru

    Malayali folks moving to Canada

    A lot of folks move with an experience which is not well recognized here. example - lawyer, doctor, teacher, some sales experience, etc. Such folks take time to settle in their own career, and sometime never gets into. They choose alternative career but those could be blue or no collar job...
  7. sapguru

    Malayali folks moving to Canada

    I do not know much about teaching career. Usually, it is tough to get in teaching here with foreign education and experience. You may have to perform education and experience evaluation. Which category of immigration did you apply and qualify?
  8. sapguru

    Malayali folks moving to Canada

    Malayali guys moving to Canada especially to GTA requiring support in finding alternative career can reach out to me. There is a big group here who are thriving as financial professionals. They can also also help to settle here.
  9. sapguru

    IT jobs (Oracle DBA) in Canada (Toronto/elsewhere in Canada)

    CIC website with Express Entry is the best help to check your qualification.
  10. sapguru

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    For 2018 sponsorship, can we anticipate IRCC to check qualification of candidates before entering the candidates to lottery round? If IRCC decides to perform qualifications, can I get feedback from the contributors on the list of qualifications? 1. Relationship Qualification - that one is...
  11. sapguru

    PR Card Photo Issue

    The CIC agent had told me that there is separate queue for photo resubmission applications. So even the main queue is for Aug 9th landed immigrants, the photo resubmission could be 4 to 6 weeks later. You may call and confirm with CIC call center. Hope it helps.
  12. sapguru

    Finding finance jobs in Canada post PR

    a) what are the chances of a person of my background finding a job in Canada and how long does it take to find a job? >> Finding job could be timing and luck factor too along with skills. It can take 1 month to 1 year for few people. b) What are the good websites,agencies,consultants that help...
  13. sapguru

    Want to sponsor family

    yes, u get student to work visa and then apply for PR based on Canadian experience. Once PR for 3 years, then you can sponsor your parents.
  14. sapguru


    It is correct. Super Visa take much longer than Travel Visa. Hope you will get it approved soon.
  15. sapguru

    Super Visa for parent

    CIC mentions - prove that your child or grandchild in Canada meets a minimum income threshold. How do the sponsor prove it other than providing NOA? Does paystub or job letter help?
  16. sapguru

    Super Visa for Parents

    For such medical condition, the insurance company does not provide any coverage. You can get coverage without any pre-condition coverage. The premiums can usually range from 2000 to 3500. I can help you on a quote, especially from those insurance companies that are not available online. Kindly...
  17. sapguru

    Decision Made

    Congrats. Was you application fro 2014?
  18. sapguru


    Lately, the status updates have been screwed up by CIC, especially for parent's immigration due to a number of changes implemented since 2016. Is your status related to parent's immigration too?
  19. sapguru

    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    Any idea on how many applications from 2016 are finalized or in-process? I read that some are still in process.
  20. sapguru

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

    Any idea on how many applications were disqualified from first round? Hope CIC improve process in next year to remove filter out such disqualifications at the time of invitation. Such a waste of public money.