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    Nowhere does it state explicitly that there was a period during which you didn't have any travel documents. I would suggest you add that information and remove the argumentative portions of the letter above. The agent accepting the application does not know who your "other family members" are...
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    Not sure if I am eligible ? Help please :)

    If your mother was born in Canada she is a Canadian citizen and as the child of a born Canadian, so are you.
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    Moving abroad after making citizenship application

    Considering that one of the requirements for citizenship is the intention to stay in Canada, you might have a hard time if you explicitly tell CIC that you're moving out of the country.
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

    I got my oath letter on November 17th. It was dated November 13th and invited me to take the oath December 2nd at Scarborough Town Centre. The ceremony was not particularly exciting, even though its importance was, justly, hammered home at length by the officiating judge. She gave a rather...
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    RQ Urgent

    I would suggest having your papers in good order when you submit. Especially since you're legally obliged to update your driver's licence address within 6 days of moving. Will it trigger an RQ? Impossible to tell, but there's no reason to submit improper documentation.
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    passport will be cancelled if

    Since intending to continue to reside in Canada is a prerequisite to be granted citizenship, couldn't it be argued that you have committed fraud if e.g. you take your brand new passport and immediately move back to the old country?
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    question about interview

    They just give me the usual "it may take up to 36 months, so you'll just have to wait"-spiel.
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    question about interview

    Just a heads up, I was told 4-6 months in January and I'm still waiting...
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    Register of Electors

    You can register next time you vote.
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    Canadian Passport Place of Birth

    I don't see why "China" wouldn't be ok since the name of the country is the "Republic of China". That being said, I know nothing...
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    Revocation Provisions for Dual citizen got royal assent

    Does this apply to jus soli citizens? I don't agree that they should be able to be stripped of their citizenship, but I have no problem to take citizenship away from those dual citizens who made a conscious decision to apply in the first place.
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    Atip order

    It takes 30 days because that is the legal maximum number of days it can take. If they started returning ATIP requests within 14 days just to be nice, that would end up being the new baseline and that's not how the public sector works...
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    Atip order

    You'll see if RCMP has cleared you and if a judge has approved your application.
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    ATIP results

    I got my ATIP file on a DVD about a week ago, it contains the following file: The data is anonymized (obviously). Any blank field in the picture is blank in the original. To me it looks like my application has been approved and is only waiting for CSIS clearance. Or does anyone have better...
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    Physical residence less than 1095 and non routin procedure

    Applying with less than 1095 days is something they will allow in cases where you clearly live in Canada but are unable to clock the required days of physical presence. In this case, you don't seem to be unable to reach the required number of days of physical presence, you just simply don't wish...
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    Oath Letter Never Received

    My building gets mail for other buildings all the time. I don't trust Canada Post to deliver as well as they should...
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    **Citizenship through descent question **

    You should be a citizen. You just need paperwork to prove that your father was a Canadian citizen when you were born.
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

    ...or maybe they put you on a shitlist because you're being difficult... ::)
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

    As far as I understand, the physical files involve every hardcopied piece of paper in my file, barring documents or parts thereof which may be classified for whichever reason.
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

    I wouldn't mind if it took them 60 months to process if only the process was transparent. Being told "to wait" isn't very helpful and just further help to build the case of a pointlessly bloated public sector. But I digress. A year ago I ordered a copy of the digital notes and they weren't very...