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  1. shradzsaraf

    378 points ....just calculated

    +1 to you. You said what I always feel. People are crying that they are not getting PR, they are international students with PGWP with very strong chances of getting PR in the future sometime. And the poor Syrian people don't even have a place to sleep or food to eat. How people can be so...
  2. shradzsaraf

    Express Entry online profile

    It is a MUST for your husband.
  3. shradzsaraf

    Travel within Canada;lost study permit

    Travel by all means. Keep a print out copy of the online police report with you. Do not forget that at all. Rest there should not be a problem as you are inside Canada.
  4. shradzsaraf

    old passport details?

    You have to add the photocopy of any visa, exit or entry stamps in your old passport to give as proof of your travel. It is always safe to do so.
  5. shradzsaraf

    CRS 390 - any chance for future draws?

    How much is your IELTS score? Increasing even .5 in each category really boosts the overall score (from personal experience). Also, no one can predict what the draw would be i suppose. But since the past few draws have been quite on the high side, a CRS of 450 to 460 is expected by everyone this...
  6. shradzsaraf

    express entry

    Re: If your crs score is between 350 and 450 Hi. There are many people in the same situation, including me. But don't forget that we have a job, we have clothes to wear, food to eat and a bed to sleep in. We are not sleeping in tents outside in the cold winter weather. God will give us what...
  7. shradzsaraf

    US residents, connect here and lets share ideas....

    Well Said!!! Having lived in the US myself , I would prefer Canada any day. Safer, friendlier and overall a better country.
  8. shradzsaraf

    Saskatchewan for IT Analyst ?

    We who live in Canada do not consider Canada very very cold. Yes it is cold certainly but not so much that people cannot live here. Certain parts of Canada are very very cold where people hardly reside. But in the rest of the Canada (where it is as cold as some places in USA) people do reside...
  9. shradzsaraf

    August application for Permanent Resident not receive AOR yet

    Hi. Did you receive an ITA before you submitted your application?
  10. shradzsaraf

    Help friends in Syria seek refugee status in Canada

    Thank you everyone for all your help. The contact for North America for UNHCR is a very rude lady named Tereza Hadzic. When I asked her simple inquiries she replied very very rudely. How do such people get to work in such humanitarian agencies? Shame on that woman
  11. shradzsaraf

    Help friends in Syria seek refugee status in Canada

    Hi , Thanks for that information. Yes I did read that on the CIC website. Is there any way out of that problem?
  12. shradzsaraf

    Help friends in Syria seek refugee status in Canada

    Hey Scylla thanks for your reply. So how will my friends be recognised as refugees? What do they need to do for that? I mean they are living in Syria and are living in a dangerous place right now. Is that enough to qualify as a refugee?
  13. shradzsaraf

    Help friends in Syria seek refugee status in Canada

    Hi Everyone, I am here to ask everyone's help with the process of seeking refugee status for my dear Syrian friends living in Syria. I have read this link . What I want to know is...
  14. shradzsaraf

    Can I apply on official passport?

    Is your passport blue in colour? If it is then it means its a regular passport. Then you should be fine.
  15. shradzsaraf

    Can I apply on official passport?

    As long as your passport is green in colour, you should be fine.
  16. shradzsaraf

    common-law - how did it end. Need help

    You need to provide each and every detail about your life. And since you both applied together before then they will definitely have your information on file. So yes you should provide all details.
  17. shradzsaraf

    Can I apply on official passport?

    Do you hold a dipolomatic passport or a normal citizen passport?
  18. shradzsaraf

    Job offer and applying for PGWP

    As far as I know, I should think either way is fine. You are eligible to apply for PGWP whether you have a job offer or not. If anyone else has other suggestions, I would also like to know.
  19. shradzsaraf

    Kindly Help: Personal Activities in PR form "Personal History"

    Thanks for the reply. But shouldn't all activities be included in the "Personal Activities" section? I mean going to India also counts as an activity, does it not? I am a little confused so don't mind my persistent questioning.