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  1. mead

    RAY of HOPE 54th Draw (Predictions)

    why would there be a clear picture after wed draw? we cannot predict the numbers
  2. mead

    Need suggestion on cheap and reliable mode of transport from Airport to Brampto

    I agree with this also you will be coming in winter even though its not too cold this year it will be difficult for u unless ur from colder parts of india.
  3. mead

    RAY of HOPE 54th Draw (Predictions)

    seems like no draw today
  4. mead

    Are all express entry points Created equal ?

    and the job should be in NOC 0,A or B
  5. mead

    Jan 25 Draw - 3,508 ITA - 453 CRS cut off

    wow did not expect another draw in jan but good I was wrong and points have dropped a lot.....light at the end of tunnel is it?
  6. mead

    Paid Job Mafia!

    do not go to such guys if they get caught some time in future ur PR/citizenship can come under review or even revoked
  7. mead

    RAY of HOPE 53rd Draw (Predictions)

    I believe next draw will be in feb
  8. mead

    OINP still not open

    New updates but still OINP is closed
  9. mead

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    I didnt get ITA and I say McCallum was good. The only thing i didnt like is the lottery for PGP sponsorship
  10. mead

    A SW-1 study visa?

    if its a coop program then yes ur visa is SW student and work visa as opposed to ur friends who may not be coop so only student visa. I am guessing u applied for coop work permit?
  11. mead

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    what job he was supposed to do? I feel he was doing a good job a little slow but still was looking positive.
  12. mead

    RAY of HOPE 52nd Draw (Predictions)

    I hope nothing changes for the worst
  13. mead

    BREAKING NEWS! there is a new Canada Immigration Minister !!!!!!!

    1. he is an immigrant 2. he is from Somalia( he will be tough on Somalians is my guess he will have to show integrity)
  14. mead

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    do not understand ur point
  15. mead

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    but that worries me cause it wont only affect FSW it will also affect CEC. He may have to please the masses. I would want a minister who would know which immigrants r required so that is what this guy may know but still its a change and I am worried of change in 2105 they said EE will so good if...
  16. mead

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    I am a little worried. Immigrants r normally not in favor of immigrants and on top of that people r going to say "he is favoring immigrants since he is an immigrant" it seems like a no win situation for him. Also I am afraid of changes every change I have seen comes with a catch.
  17. mead

    RAY of HOPE 52nd Draw (Predictions)

    an immigrant as immigration minister is bad he will be tougher and will have lot of backlash
  18. mead

    A SW-1 study visa?

    is ur program coop?
  19. mead

    RAY of HOPE 52nd Draw (Predictions)

    u guys r forgetting last draw issued 2,902 ITA if the the number goes down then CRS will increase. I dont think they will keep issuing 2000+ ita... so expect CRS to increase