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    I need to travel outsode Ontario, would I be able to give my biometrics in Vancouver (when they start taking biometrics) when my application is from Ontario?
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    Passport request for PR visa

    Thank you so much for sharing this information
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    Passport request for PR visa

    Hello, I submitted my application in September last year but I have not yet received any final passport call, the email for which is usually sent out 30-35 days before the estimated six month period ends. I know a friend who submitted the PR application a week later already got the final...
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    Proof of Fund - FSW EE - 6 Months Balance

    I have received ITA under the FSW program. I am going to show the bank balance from my bank back home but since I have been living in Canada for the past 2 years as an international student, do I need to show the balance from my Canadian bank account? Thanks.
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    Can I Travel to The USA with my Canadian student Visa ?

    Hi, I am an international student in Canada, I have already completed my studies and applied for PGWP. My student visa expires in November. I wanted to visit a relative in the US now. What is the possibility of my US visa being rejected at this point?