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    Etihad Airways from India to Toronto

    Anyone faced any issue while travelling to canada from india to abu dabhi to toronto flight?
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    VFS Center India not responding for Passport Submission 2-Way Courier Service

    Greetings, what is the contact number for vfs regarding 2 way courier?
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    Pakistani students AIP on 3rd September and glitch email, kindly gather there

    Hey Many congratulations...our timeline is quite similar...!!
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    March, SDS, AIP in Aug., still waiting for the step 2

    Same situation for sds applicants..!!
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    Passport request today for conestoga after 3rd dli update

    Congratulations. Please share your timeline here
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    Student Permit Approval from UAE

    Ahhh... waiting waiting and only waiting
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    Student Permit Approval from UAE

    which country have you applied?
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    Student Permit Approval from UAE

    congrats. which country have you applied from?
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    GCMS Notes Revived - Can I get opinions

    I think @jigzyy and @azzamkc better explain you here..
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    Is this my "Unique Passport Request Letter" ?????

    Congratulations. Have you applied from India?
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    AIP and BVL received but medical still not updated

    which country have u applied?
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    Confusion in selection of SDS or Non SDS

    chances are very low because you have 5 in one module. try to take the exam again then put visa.
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    Indian Applicant with OPR/PPR

    Congratulations.which college or uni?
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    MAY SDS Applications with AIP gather here

    It stands for original passport request
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    17th Nov DLI List - OPR status

    Greetings All, Please share your timeline if you get OPR recently after the 17th DLI Approval from IRCC. Thanks!
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    Anyone received PPR in last week or today?

    Thanks for the information. Can you please tell me what is LOE letter?
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    Urgent advice got overall band 7 but one module 5.5

    Please take a look at here: i think these page will solve your queries. :)
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    2nd DLI list updated , conestoga still not there

    If it will update on 10th then it would be great! 2 weeks is way long nowadays