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    Hello Guys, need suggestion. 1. Do I need to scan all pages of my passport even if there is no Visa? 2. Is it necessary to upload pages of old passports??
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    EE Digital photo specification

    Hi, While uploading Digital Photo before e-APR do I need to upload both the sides of the photo? As in the back side CIC need photographer info. as well as Date od birth of the applicant?
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    Hi guys, Great initiatives to open a group for Bangladeshi applicant. 1. How to pay PR application fee from Bangladesh. My credit card allows maximum $300 online transaction. 2. In digital photo section do I need to upload back Side of the photo writing date of birth and bla bla. Found it in a...
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    Can you please explain what is " Schedule A"? Statutory Question: (Yes) We were rejected by Thailand embassy as we failed to provide marriage certificate just after getting married. I have explained it in the answer. However, do CIC need anymore document for this??
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    government employee

    I am a Govt. employee since last November. I am not claiming any points for Govt. Job. As It is my current job, do I need to provide any paper like NOC or any other documents from Government??
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    Primary NOC vs Work History

    Hi experts, Need suggestion.... I have just got ITA. In my EE Profile I mentioned only my primary NOC for what I want to claim points and my application base is only with that job (4.5yrs). However, I have two more jobs. Now after ITA, while applying for PR, can I include all others Job in my...
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    New EE Profile

    Hi, I have Total 6 years experience in the same company in two different position. I got the reference letter and will claim point for one position that I hold for 4 years. However, my current employer (8 months) will not allow me. In fact I must hide it from my current employer. If I dont...
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    Issue with WES Evaluation

    Hi guys, I am experiencing a peculiar problem. In over-mail verification steps, my university is saying that they have responded. However, WES replying that they didn't receive it... I requested my university twice to respond, but both the times WES didn't receive as thery are claiming...
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    Canada PR for Indian government employees

    I am a govt. official in Bangladesh joined few months ago. Is there any possibility that CIC may ask for NOC from my current employer??? I am applying with the experience that I have while working in a private company.
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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    I have a FD account of 3 months maturity. Is it enough as POF?? or I have to wait for Six months??
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    Duration of Proof of settlement funds

    Hi everyone... I am in a confusion. I am going to open a FDR account next month. My ECA is almost completed. My CRS score will be good enough to get ITA immediately . Should I apply or wait for 6 months to have the FDR account mature for 6months...???
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    Proof of settlement funds

    So, My FD account will be ok though it is not matured for 6 months??
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    Proof of settlement funds

    Hello, I need your suggestion... My CRS score is good enough to get ITA. I have not create the EE profile yet. Facing a confusion about POF. My current account is not that healthy. However, my father has a FD account. I will renew this on my name. What should I do?? 1. Wait for six months...
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    Proof of settlement funds

    Hi, I am from Bangladesh. Here people keep money to bank as fixed deposit to secure to high interest rate. Does Fixed Deposit account can be shown as settlement fund? or I should have withdraw the money and deposit them in my savings account?