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  1. Sushma1976

    Spouse IELTS

    I would like to know if the spouse (dependent) must give the language test? thanks
  2. Sushma1976

    administrative assistant or account assistant

    Planning to apply for PR; Have 14+yrs experience. Do you think I ll be able to find jobs in these capacity? even entry level jobs?
  3. Sushma1976

    Need help - birth certificate

    Im planning to apply for PR under fsw program and i m the prime applicant. now the problem my spouse birth certificate is not available. what kind of proof can i attach? your expert advice is highly appreicated
  4. Sushma1976

    yrs of experience in the application

    Need help Application says we have to submit 10 yrs of experience, i have 9 yrs of experience in the present company itself but i do not have experince letter from the previous company. Will they accept my application with present company 9 yrs letter? thank you
  5. Sushma1976


    one of the requirement from WES to send the marksheets directly from the institution or can I send WES the copies? "Request for all mark sheets to be sent directly to WES by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations" How can I request the institution or university? Please...
  6. Sushma1976

    Nova scotia/Halifax

    Is nova scotia / halifax good place to move, got 2 kids, is it safe? expenseive? good schools? need some opinions and suggestions.. thanks
  7. Sushma1976

    Planning on Moving to Canada - need advice

    Hello, I am living in Dubai with my husband and 2 kids. I would very much like to migrate to Canada and settle there. My husband and myself have 15 years of experience working in UAE in Purchasing/logistics/Customer support/ and sales and executive assistant administrative level respectively...