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  1. Babies0625

    Help needed, how to transfer to a different DLI or province?

    Hi guys, I need your help if you have any idea on what will be the process to transfer to a different DLI or Province if possible? My GF's Diploma in Accounting program for Fall 2015 will be suspended due to Fort McMurray's economic condition! :( We already purchased a ticket last June 4 for...
  2. Babies0625

    Siblings accepted in the same school but different programs.

    My GF has already been accepted in a College in Alberta for a 2 year diploma program, now her sister just got accepted into the same school of her elder sister but on a different program, both will be for Fall 2015 intakes. My GF & I will be applying for SP & OWP at the same time & a separate...
  3. Babies0625

    Study & Open Work Permit along w/ Spouse or Common-Law Partner from Philippines

    Hello everyone, hope to hear from anybody from the Philippines or Cebu who applied or will apply for their Study & Open Work Permit if they filed separately or concurrently? Any tip/s & what documents were or will be submitted? My GF has been accepted already & we're planning to apply online...