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    Personal Experience

    Welcome to Canada :) Remember, Skip the Dishes and Uber are immigrants best friends today.
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    It makes my laugh when international students want to be part of CESB too.
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    Ray of Hope - 147th Draw - CEC

    That statistic doesn't tell the whole story. The majority of cases in Quebec are in long-term care and seniors’ residences. The rest of the province is actually doing better then Ontario.
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    Ray of Hope - 147th Draw - CEC

    "A report due Friday will likely show employment in Canada was decimated in April. The country probably lost more than 4 million jobs, a fifth of the labor force. That follows the record 1-million decline in March." (
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    Ray of Hope - 146th Draw - PNP

    An important detail I read today, we have currently surpass 8 million application for CERB (the benefit for those who lost income due to Covid). That means 50% of the labor force. If the economy does not open this summer, it will be a disaster, mark my word. Apart from those lucky ones who work...
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    How to delete my CanadaVisa account?

    Everyone should have the option to delete its personal information, meaning any account associated with it. In Europe where privacy is taken seriously its an obligation for the data controller. Google, Facebook and some other big US companies have come to understand this, because of the hefty...
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    Best College in Toronto?

    I have an experience with both Humber and Seneca collages. They are just diploma producer in an industrial scale, and they are known as such. I guess the other colleges in Canada are no better either. The quality is mediocre or average, depending on the subject. There is a reason why in the...
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    Ray of Hope - 145th Draw - CEC

    Its just a pretext. Make super-complicated job requirements to complain you can't easily find the right person to do the job. Every graduate can do those job with proper initial training. The same pretext they used before when not allowing people to work from home, cause it will be a disaster...
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    Ray of Hope - 145th Draw - CEC

    Well, I guess those greedy US companies (Facebook, Microsoft, Google etc.) would have to hire US citizens and pay them decently. Yes, it means lower earnings for the mega-rich managers, but hey, life is tough right.
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    Ray of Hope - 145th Draw - CEC

    IMHO, what Canada actually needs now is a moratorium on Immigration, same as the US. What Canada needs after Covid is limited immigration streams for the sectors that have reported shortages, and cut out everything else. The Canadian immigration system is actually a scam, even by official...
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Canada received over 500,000 EI applications this week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said half a million Canadians, or about 2.5 per cent of the labor force, have applied for jobless claims this week, smashing previous records and suggesting the nation is already in a deep recession. Its...
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    Ray of Hope - 140th Draw

    Its always good to try to maximize your score by even 1 point. But the question now is the current situation with the virus, which people leaving in countries not affected greatly are not understanding. Jobs are being cut by thousands in every sector almost daily, not hundreds, by thousands. If...
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    It has declined because of the quarantine. And its not quarantine like here in Canada. In my country people are banned to leave house after a certain time and private cars are banned from circulation. This way they are keeping it under control. Not even tiny amount of population is infected and...
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    I have noticed since 1 week there are almost 0 new job posting on major job portals. And this not in short time, in more then 2 weeks the virus is going to spread more in Canada because preventive measures were taken too late. But even if it doesn't, restrictions will be left in place with every...
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    The only good thing about this virus is that it finally ended Globalization, hopefully once and for good. Nothing is going to be the same as before. Everyone should learn to deal with that, whether they like it or not.
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    When to apply for Ontario Works

    Maybe it also depends on which program someone qualified. For FSW certainly you are expected to have those funds you declared as part of your application, which are supposed to last you around 6 months (though I still can not find the 6 months period mentioned in CIC website). In Quebec program...
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    When to apply for Ontario Works

    I applied online after 6 months, had to show few papers (bank account statements, rent, etc) but the decision was immediate after the meeting with the case worker. I received the first deposit just 2 days latter.
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    Bank - Tangerine

    To open a Tangerine account you need to verify your identity with Canada Post and I found this impossible now. My PR card has 10 digits, while the post worker said that she can enter only 8 digits in their system, so she entered the last 8, but I got no confirmation of registration after that...
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    When to apply for Ontario Works

    I have tried for 3 months only for entry level and have also been in career centers during that time. I need some more months to rebuild my skills I think.
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    When to apply for Ontario Works

    I think I qualify for all that you mentioned. And its something temporary I don't plan living on that. Otherwise I would have to leave.