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    can run a small convenience store or small restaurant with 200k. what business can be setup with 200k in canada

    Dear all, Can I manage a small convenience store or such retail store or deli etc with 200k in any city of canada - Vancouver, Hamilton, Ottawa etc. Can anyone tell me what businesses are feasible with 200k. Thank you.
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    Invest into canada

    You can try for Express entry too if you get good score in ielts or try business pnps. How much do you have to invest.
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    Is Hamiltion located in GTA according to OINP ENTREPRENUER IMMIGRATION. Cities outside GTA.

    Hi all, Is the city of Hamilton located in the GTA area? Also I believe Ottawa is definitely not in GTA. What are some cities outside GTA in Ontario. Thank you.
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    Federal Skilled Worker - Work Experience

    Dear all, Can anyone tell me if I am correct. As far as I have seen on the cic website and the ministerial instructions work experience can be counted even if we are self-employed. The official web page shows the following text. ' To get selection factor points, your work experience will count...
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    You must be thinking too much. Rules are same for any country, when you dont have permission to work you can not work. Through RNIP, you are asking for work and living rights and to a Permanent resident. If you already have work authorization, then yoy wouldnt ask for it again
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    You can apply from anywhere to rnip or ainp or pnp etc, the only thing is that the rural community from which you obtain an offer of employment must sponsor you. Here not only the employer but also the community should sponsor you. They set thier own requirements and points, which may be or may...
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    Hello all, Hello all of you guys, I, have a question regarding the "work experience". In all the options either PNP or AINP, RINP etc, it is stated that "self-employed" is not accepted as work experience. But my question is, what if the applicant is a partner in the company or the business in...
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    MPNP- Business 2017

    DID you get the LAA to apply from the mpnp-b in the past. Its closed now. Its not a direct PR now. You have to setup a business first. There is no deposit now. If you have such an amount money to just deposit and forgo, why dont you try to setup a business and gain some experience for you and...
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    Yes. Latest Invitation Draws shows that 5 applicants were invited and the score is 118
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    I would like to apply the food industry sector or the general merchandise sector of any bc regional part. Have you tried applying any
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    There shouldnt be any if you read the guide lines pdf in its entirity provided on the bcpnp websit. I am from india. Where are you from. Whats your question.
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    Looking for Business Partner-Manitoba

    Whats your business. Anyway i think bc pnp ei regional is better . How much can you invest is the question. Sent you pm with whatsapp number
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    Hello All, Has anyone applied or thinking of applying for the regional category, please reply me, I am also thinking of applying, We can share information. Thank you.
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    Looking for Business Partner-Manitoba

    hello, Which part of India are you from. I am trying for BC regional category.
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    Hello all, I am looking to apply under the regional scheme. Has anyone applied for ITA from regional participants. Since the rules are simpler than the base category, I believe regional scheme is better than the base category. also thought of the nbpnp, which offers direct pr, previously mpnp...
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    Net Worth Verification for Business Entepreneur

    I contacted a company who does it for mpnp. they said it starts at 5k. it should be between 5 to 10k. Have you applied under the Base category or BC regional category.
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    Transportation business

    Where are you from in India. I am also from India. Transport business takes a lot of money, even in india too. but there is a chance if you go rural areas of bc
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    New brunswick entreprenuer stream

    It has been written somewhere else that it will take 19 to 24 months. Anyways its a PR.
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    New brunswick entreprenuer stream

    Have you made an exploratory trip to NB or Have you attended any of their meetings held. You should first do these, then only you will get an application from them. Where are you from.
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    Want to Connect to Business for Investment.

    I am also from India, Where are you from and how much can you invest. What business line are you interested in. You should apply for any of the PNPs. they are faster than federal business migration. No visitor or business visa. For canada they are called as TRV and PR.