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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    JobsVisas is an online job portal which will be launching soon. Once the portal is launched they will create your profile for free to apply for abroad jobs. To create your free profile on this portal do submit your resumes with JobsVisas
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    Do connect with the online job portals. to get any kind of job in foreign country.
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    Pls check the link and and add l in the last word i.e. hmtl
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    Find available Jobs in Canada This is the correct link
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    Hey, can't share the details........but there is an option to submit your resume!!!
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    Yes, its services are paid.
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    Please help

    Yes I also think it is a fake offer letter.....but you can cross check once wishing you all the best!
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    Need A Confirmation

    Yes.......Some of the consultancy firm are genuine.......but on the other hand some make fake promises too. The only way to distinguish between them is their reviews and ratings.......and also there are many genuine job portals also that provide job assistance. Here are few of them...
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    immigration to canada

    I also think so.......Are you planning to migrate to Canada?
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    Job offer

    Yup it will be absolutely fake
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    looking for job in Canada

    That's not true at all......there are many of the job portals that provide accurate information and are not scams Like I can give you examples of:
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    Study visa time for minors

    Congratulations. All the best for your future ahead!!!
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    Great you have put in great efforts as it is being seen.
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    I need canadian employer

    Your Welcome!!
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    Please I need a better skilled work in canada Hey these are the job portals where you can start your job search.
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    Verification of Albetta Agency

    yes.....I do think so!
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    Best city in Canada for immigration (in terms of jobs)

    Based on the stats, here are the top 10 best cities in Canada to find a job: Guelph, Ont. Regina, Sask. Quebec City, QC Moncton, NB Vancouver, BC Edmonton, AB Toronto, Ont. Kingston, Ont. London, Ont. Winnipeg, MB.
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    I need canadian employer

    You need to search jobs on various jobs portals to get into the contact with many employers. Here is the list of various job searching sites: Canadainfonet JobsVisas Zero2Hired CareerEdge CanadaExpressEntry Moving2Canada
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    Find a job You can search for job on these following website
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    scam or real

    Yea it is a scam