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  1. theoptimist

    What happens when you need a new passport to get the full 3yrs PGWP

    I don't think TRV will be invalid as I will still travel with both passports. Thank you very much...I think this is the right info for me!
  2. theoptimist

    What happens when you need a new passport to get the full 3yrs PGWP

    This is what I was thinking. So the PGWP extension will then be granted in the new passport.
  3. theoptimist

    What happens when you need a new passport to get the full 3yrs PGWP

    Hello. So when I finish school in 4years, my passport will only have 1year left. So Im guessing when I apply for a PGWP, Ill be issued with that 1yr though I will be eligible for 3. So if I return to my home country, and get a new passport, will I still be able to re-enter Canada with the old...
  4. theoptimist

    Best bank to open an account?

    Whats wrong with CIBC?..Someone actually told me it was the best..
  5. theoptimist

    New Scotia Bank Account from within Canada?

    Thanks for the responses guys. I think I'm going to opt for the secured card first. Many people may be excited to go straight for an unsecured card but its easy to go crazy with those things and very important thing people must know is that it is very easy to damage your credit score but it can...
  6. theoptimist

    New Scotia Bank Account from within Canada?

    Thanks for the great advice! But I wonder if I can get a credit card in a few months as I won't be depositing large sums of money in my account like you!...Do you think maybe I should opt for a secured card maybe between 100-$400 just to get my credit score rolling? I wont really be using it as...
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    New Scotia Bank Account from within Canada?

    So Im just researching which bank I should open an account with when I fly out to my school in 2 weeks...(currently enjoying Toronto ;) ) So far for me it seems Scotia bank offers exactly what I want however I'd like to know if any international students have had any experience in opening and...
  8. theoptimist

    Life in Toronto.

    This is truly one of th best posts I have seen on this forum. And it not only applies to Indians but to everyone else. Indeed life is a struggle no matter where you are but the amount of opportunity that lies in Canada is truly immense. I too don't understand those that work off campus before...
  9. theoptimist

    Drug testing? (THC)

    They most certainly don't test for drugs...they only care about the really bad stuff like STDs and TB. But if you were applying to Australia, then it would have been game over!
  10. theoptimist

    port of entry??????? help plzzzzz

    Great Post!...Deserves to be stickied in my opinion :P
  11. theoptimist

    Port of Entry Question

    From what I've heard it won't be a problem arriving early. Im landing in Toronto on the 15th but only flying to my uni's city on the 1st. But do keep us updated on how it goes!
  12. theoptimist

    Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Hi. Can I ask for us International students likely not to get on-campus housing as we are so far down the waiting list, will settling in be easy? And will houses for rent still be available on the 1st of Sept when I arrive in St John's? Thanks!
  13. theoptimist

    Can i file visa by my Own r by Consultancy

    Consultants are an absolute waste of money unless you've got an extremely unusual case like a criminal or record or some disease which even then you'd probably need an immigration lawer and not a consultant. All consultants do is take your money and follow the visa checklist that you already...
  14. theoptimist

    Query on port of landing

    When are you flying to Toronto then St John's?...Im going on the 14th to Toronto but then only leave for St Johns on the 31st :)
  15. theoptimist

    Study Permit under processing for 100+ days!

    Re: Very unusual delay (100+ days)! I don't know too much about your visa office but its almost necessary to make a personal enquiry 20days after medical...we all know after a medical call its a 90% guarantee of a visa in most cases unless they found something wrong...which is very unlikely. I...
  16. theoptimist

    Can I Travel to The USA with my Canadian student Visa ?

    I don't mean to be rude but I think you are misleading people a bit..or rather, I think that your friend only told you his version of the "truth" and that he didn't tell you what really happened in that interview. Mentioning that you are visiting family should definitely not be a problem unless...
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    Main things to do before coming to Canada

    Great info! I especially like the part about copying all your documents and notarizing them. It may also help in the unfortunate event you lose your originals.
  18. theoptimist

    After Medicals

    Fact that they even asked you to submit medicals is a really good sign. I think the interview is so that the visa officer can be 100% sure you are a student before issuing the visa as unfortunately some people may have "perfect" study permit applications but when interviewed in real life their...
  19. theoptimist

    Can International Students Get a Phone on Contract?

    Hahaha don't worry I'm not offended...I do get why some people might not see getting a phone as a priority over finding an apartment etc but luckily enough I've already got a great support system before even landing in Canada!..And also my parents are giving me a nice lumpsum of money to begin...