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  1. sabby2612

    Once Rejected, Please Help

    Getting your certificates/transcripts verified by your university is not a bad idea. I am assuming you do know you apply with copies of all your educational docs which should be (better colour copies ) and notarized. Proving home ties such as your family in your home country, assets if any, and...
  2. sabby2612

    Study and staying in Canada later on, is it worth it?

    Better check your eligibility under Express Entry, its fast and not an expensive way to apply for PR. Cheers!
  3. sabby2612

    Experts opinion please: London Stopover, Transit visa is required ?

    You need a transit visa to leave the airport, however, i do not see it logical to leave airport even if somehow they allow as your connecting flight is in 7.5 hours. Heathrow is quite a big airport and takes a lot of time to even walk from one terminal to another plus the boarding security etc...
  4. sabby2612

    Once Rejected, Please Help

    I would suggest to request for caip notes. And if this is the reason which most likely is the case- then apply again with explanation in ur sop. Consult other sources- this is just an advice.
  5. sabby2612

    Study and staying in Canada later on, is it worth it?

    Spouse visa ( she will get full time work permit) is not granted right away. And basis experience, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. U should rather check ur eligibility for express entry. See if u qualify, if u do and once landed here as PR and u still decide to pursue studies, better...
  6. sabby2612

    Once Rejected, Please Help

    Did you explain this in your SOP?
  7. sabby2612

    Please help please

    Did you apply for GCMS ( earlier known as CAIPS notes)? this shall help you understand why exactly you application was rejected. and indeed your course selection was not really a bright one. Did you consider supply chain management PG program? what documents did you submit while applying?
  8. sabby2612

    Study and staying in Canada later on, is it worth it?

    Answer to your question is quite difficult. Different people have different opinion. Of course, Canada is an amazing country. but some folks like it here and some folks do not. For dependent visa ( for your wife), better keep in mind she will not be joining you for at least a year or two...
  9. sabby2612

    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    this is indeed a matter of worry. you (applicant) should contact CIC helpline number to confirm what is happening? what does it say online when you check the status?
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    Did you study in Edinburgh or somewhere else which is affiliated to QMU? did you finish your program and if yes when did you finish? if any GAP between your BA and as of today, did you work? Program you have applied for is a diploma program. Did you research for a PG program in Culinary?
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    Hi, under SPP, you have submitted what is required. you needn't provide any further financial documents. you didnt mention what program you applied for and what is your education background (science, Arts or commerce). Being eligible under SPP (which is not hard as you need to secure 50% in...
  12. sabby2612

    [urgent] student permit expired, waiting on PNP application

    Can you please also share if you finished your program and were eligible for work permit? Assuming you finished your program, and were eligible for work permit, but now you can't apply for it as you are on restoration period. However, the best option right now will be to apply for another study...
  13. sabby2612

    [urgent] student permit expired, waiting on PNP application

    Hi, I understand the situation you are in right now. I couldn't understand completely if your study permit expired or your work permit. I am assuming you had one year work permit which expired on 20th December and now you do have 90 days period to apply for restoration of your status. You...
  14. sabby2612

    DRIVING PERMIT- Seniors please help!!!

    Then you better don't even worry about your license here in Canada. Also, how old are you? You can apply for G1 (written test) any time you wish once you are here and afterwards (depending what age you are) you can apply for G2 that allows you to drive here (even a truck up to 26 feet, with no...
  15. sabby2612

    no frnd no relative

    EXPERIENCE FROM DIFFERENT PEOPLE I KNOW HERE IN CANADA; Relatives (99%) are of no good, instead they help you feel demotivated and discouraged to put efforts towards your stay here. Friends and college mates, well you need to be careful but eventually you will make some good friends and some...
  16. sabby2612

    Business as proof of funds

    What category you are applying under? Express Business Entry or International Student (Study permit). If you are applying for business category then you are in the wrong forum;
  17. sabby2612

    Post Graduate work permit 1 year

    As long as the program length is at least 8 months (which basically means two full time semesters), you are eligible for PGWP. Now, it doesn't matter if both the semesters are consecutive or with a gap of one semester. You need to successfully pass for semesters and there you go.
  18. sabby2612

    Expired Study Permit

    1. What's the status on your passport now, Have you got it or is it under process? 2. your 90 days restoration period expired which means you have no status at this time. However, your communication with CIC and Indian Consulate will help you get your status restored. This seems quite genuine...
  19. sabby2612

    work permit

    What's your current status in Canada?
  20. sabby2612

    what does this mean?

    It clearly means one or more of the documents you submitted lack authenticity. Either VO wasn't able to verify them or got negative result on verification. This is a serious offence. If you think you haven't submitted any such documents, you must apply for CAIPS right away to find out which...