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  1. Rigly68

    I want to learn to do my tax

    No not yet. The T4 for 2019 will be issued next year. For your 2018 taxes you only use income earned in 2018.
  2. Rigly68

    I want to learn to do my tax

    You would have two T4' from each place of employment and yes you have to mention all companies you worked for in 2018.
  3. Rigly68

    I want to learn to do my tax

    No 2 bank accounts won't be any issue. Regarding filing your can use free online tax software if your returns are no GST filing as self employed and so on. HR Block as well as Turbo Tax and some others have this software. It will walk you through every step of the...
  4. Rigly68

    I want to learn to do my tax

    Check your CRA online account if you have one (if not you can easily create one) as many companies do not send out paper copies of the T4 anymore but post/file them electronically.
  5. Rigly68

    Permanent Resident - need to change my address! how

    That's the way it works.... The only time you will give a new address is for your PR card renewal or citizenship application;)
  6. Rigly68

    Going Overseas for a Vacation 2 days after the Interview

    That is absolutely wrong. The PR card is taken at ones Oath ceremony....NOT at time of the interview.
  7. Rigly68

    Citizenship Process

  8. Rigly68

    Leave Canada Before PR Card Arrived (Family Emergency)

    Entering Canada with your COPR is not the problem but boarding your flight will be as you need a PR card or PRTD. One option would be fly to USA and enter via land border with your COPR.
  9. Rigly68

    When am I eligable to apply for citizenship? "......... Examples of third-party tests include: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index...
  10. Rigly68

    Language Proof for Citizenship

    Your CELPIP is still good (even if expired) as you took it for immigration (PR) purpose.
  11. Rigly68

    Live in Canada and work in the US

    You can use your COPR with your NEXUS and passport: - …… "Permanent residents of Canada who are members of the NEXUS or FAST programs must travel with a passport and proof of permanent residence, and may be asked to present these documents to...
  12. Rigly68

    What does qualify as urgent application

    I highlighted that one as you mentioned a school in the US. This topic has been discussed several times here and it seems to be extremely difficult to receive urgent processing. But if you try I wish you all the best!
  13. Rigly68

    What does qualify as urgent application

    A school in the US will not qualify as per IRCC guidelines: : "To apply for urgent processing, you must be eligible to apply for citizenship and have an emergency...
  14. Rigly68

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Unfortunately some applicants have experienced long wait times for receiving AOR...:( Hope he receives it soon!
  15. Rigly68

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Has your brother received his AOR for the citizenship application? If not he will not be able to log into ecas yet......
  16. Rigly68

    Test date

    If its finger print request it should be paper documents mailed to you.
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    Multiple citizenships (Spain, Mexico and Canada)

    I am aware of the this process but many are not and some have run into that problem after taking on another citizenship.
  18. Rigly68

    Multiple citizenships (Spain, Mexico and Canada)

    Not entirely true...there is a process in order to keep your German Citizenship and it is not guaranteed that it will be approved. If you are born in Germany, have only German Citizenship and take on the Canadian Citizenship without applying and being approved to keep the German one you will...
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    Multiple citizenships (Spain, Mexico and Canada)

    Germany would be one.....
  20. Rigly68

    Multiple citizenships (Spain, Mexico and Canada)

    Canada has no issues with multiple citizenships. Unless one of the other countries restricts multiple citizenships you will not have any problems,