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  1. nguyentu2001

    Parents sponsorship- Submitting application

    For those who have recieveda confirmation number, I think we should start working on fill out application. For those who have parents living outside of Canada: Would sponsored father submitted a seperate form or both parents can be on the same form? I am thinking have both parents fill out...
  2. nguyentu2001

    C-24 passed wow this will make it longer to become canadian
  3. nguyentu2001

    March 24- Oath experience

    Hi all!!! Finally my wife and I took oath yesterday at Vancouver office. It was a lovely experience. It's probably the same as many people described in previous posts. I just wanted to thank you all for your support. With RQ, I had gone a long way, starting from 2011 and ended yesterday March...
  4. nguyentu2001

    Vancouver applicant- RQ- Oath March 2014

    I just wanted to thank all for your support. My wife and I received oath letter today from Vancouver office. It has been a long journey for me since I applied in 2011. For all RQ applicants out there, RQ process is a pain in the ass but if you tell the truth and that you meet all eligibility...
  5. nguyentu2001

    Fingerprint submitted Nov 2013, test Feb 19, 2014

    hello, My wife just got test notice and will take the test Feb 19. She got fingerprints request and submitted in Nov 2013. She applied in the end of 2012. Anyone got fingerprint and test or even oath, please share your timeline. Hopefully, it will be faster than RQ if she passes the test to...
  6. nguyentu2001

    Jan 2014- Vancouver test taker- Waiting for oath

    Anyone from Vancouver is waiting for oath after finishing the test in Jan 2014? OR even before? Please share your update. Passed test on Jan 21, 14. Waiting.
  7. nguyentu2001

    Vancouver citizenship test Jan 12, 2014- RQ recipient

    So got my citizenship test today in the morning at Expo Blvd, Vancouver. The test was fairly easy, if you read the book, you can finish it easily. Around 4 minutes or so. Result of how many you got right will not be released, only passed or failed. I passed. The officer who has taken my case is...
  8. nguyentu2001

    Citizenship test: Jan 20 to Jan 24, 2014

    I just want to say good luck to everyone who is having their test next week. As one of RQ recipients, I wish people who are on the same boat as me, a successful interview. Don't forget to bring all evidence you have, just in case you need it. Gluck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. nguyentu2001

    Got RQ, order ATIP, now got letter to appear for Test on Jan 21,2014, Vancouver

    Hello, Some of you who have RQ must be quite familiar with my posts here. For those who are in the same situation as me...see signature for application status I got RQ...waited for a I got test date on Jan 21, 2014 at Vancouver office. At least this would assure those who got RQ...
  10. nguyentu2001

    ATIP result. Can someone help explain?

    Hello, I got my ATIP report today. A lot of information on it. The most recent one is the message below. Can someone please help explain what it is? I will provide more information if needed. (just have to retype) Notes: Created date: 2013/11/19 Type: RQ assigned to officer Responsible...
  11. nguyentu2001

    2011 Applicant with RQ (or non RQ but no yet Citizenship)

    Hello! If you are 2011 applicants and are still waiting, please share your time line here. We received your application for Canadian citizenship (grant of citizenship) on August 16, 2011. We sent you a letter acknowledging receipt of your application(s), and a study book called Discover...
  12. nguyentu2001

    When and How to contact CIC call center

    Hello, Could someone share your experience of how and when to contact CIC call center? I have made many attempts to call but always get busy line then got hung up. I called the toll free number, during the week around 11:00 am Vancouver time. Please share your thoughts.
  13. nguyentu2001

    Fingerprint- Whats next?

    My wife got Fingerprint request yesterday, she is going to have Fingerprint done electronically done in Vancouver. Does anyone know what happens next? She applied in the end of 2012 and got this Fingerprint letter 2 days ago. Anyone who has been through this situation, please share your...
  14. nguyentu2001

    Decision made (status changed)- Passsport sent out 25 day ago

    HI guys, I am in this situation: - Passport requested on July 16th - Passport sent out July 18th I checked status today and finally it has been changed to "decision made" But passport has been sent out with IOM about 3 and a half weeks ago, we have not received it back. Any idea about...
  15. nguyentu2001

    Singapore office! How long to recieve visa after submitting passport

    Hi guys, For those who deal with or have experience with Singapore office. Any idea how long it would take to get passport with visa stamped after submitting passport?! My wife submitted her passport 2 weeks ago. We are waiting for the passport with visa affixed on it CHeers,
  16. nguyentu2001

    Passport request- Singapore office- Got it

    my wife got a passport request letter from Singapore office yesterday. -Sponsorship was approved Feb 19 in Canada then transferred to Singapore -Application was processed on March 30th in Singapore -No AOR -Letter received on July 13th How is it coming along with your application for those...
  17. nguyentu2001

    Sucessfull cases! All visa officess all over the world

    I created this one so that all people who have successfully applied can share their experience and time line with the rest. Thanks, NT2001
  18. nguyentu2001

    Can I apply for student loan during the sponsoring process?!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if a sponsor can apply for student loan during sponsoring process? Please advise Thanks,
  19. nguyentu2001

    Singapore visa office?!

    Anyone has submitted application to Singapore office? Anyone who has successfully applied through Singapore visa office? Lets share out thought here! My application has been processed at Singapore visa office since March still in process. How about you guys? Thanks,
  20. nguyentu2001

    GST/HST does this affect an application?

    HI guys, I have been having an issue with the canada revenue agency since i changed my marital status. I just checked my account online today on the canada revenue website and its saying that I am owing $90.62 for my GST/HST and they are processing new GST/HST based on the new marital status...