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  1. Steph C

    Child immigrating with one parent

    Just checking in here, in a few days we have my partner’s children immigrating from the Philippines and I’m getting paranoid about them being denied entry due to missing some kind of document. - what kind of documents do you need to immigrate or travel without one parent? We followed the...
  2. Steph C

    This picture deserves its own thread

    [center] The text reads "Working conditions during my overseas posting. Not a cocktail in sight." I think I see my application! I really feel sorry for our hardworking Visa officers after seeing this one.
  3. Steph C

    Valentine's Day.. Doing anything special?

    Probably a lonely Valentine's day for most of us.. are you guys doing anything special or creative to celebrate while apart? I would really like some ideas ;D
  4. Steph C

    International Recipe Trader!

    Since we are all sponsoring a spouse, or are spouses being sponsored from somewhere else in the world, wouldn't it be cool if we all shared our favourite recipe from that country? Let's make an international cook book here in the forum ;D
  5. Steph C

    Old lady wanting to stay in Canada as De Facto family member. This has been on the news lately. What are your thoughts? Although it seems cruel to deport an old lady, my feelings are that by allowing an aunt to stay they are setting a...
  6. Steph C

    Manila Tread for English Speakers - join here!

    There are plenty of Manila threads, but all in Tagalog, so I thought we need to start one in English for those of us who can't participate - for example, Canadian spouses of Filipinos, or applicants from Japan and other countries that are processed though Manila.
  7. Steph C

    ECAS - Help!

    I was just checking my Ecas, and my address (I'm the Sponsor waiting for approval) changed to this (random address, I'm from BC): 1602 Frontenac Montreal, Quebec Canada H2K 4R1
  8. Steph C

    CAIPS Notes for Sponsorship Application?

    Hi, As some of you who are in the April/May threads know already, CPC Mississauga has had my application for Spousal Sponsorship since April 30th - Over 4 months, 1/3 of a year. I have not heard an official word from them, not even an AOR. I have called the Call Center numerous times, with huge...
  9. Steph C

    Give your feedback here! The government just opened a survey today where you can voice the importance of family reunification...
  10. Steph C

    News Release - more changes to immigration system Calgary, June 28, 2012 — Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney today announced the latest step in re-designing...
  11. Steph C

    News Release - more changes to immigration system

    This is a quote from here: Calgary, June 28, 2012 — Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney today announced the latest...
  12. Steph C

    A Video for all of us who are waiting
  13. Steph C

    Finished and finally mailed my Visa

    This was exactly a month ago today but I have been too busy! BC Girls' post reminded me to share my story too :-* I finished our Conjugal application after about 10 months of getting the right documentation together (and after 3 years of being apart and waiting for an annulment that was halted...
  14. Steph C

    Re-do Medical after 1 year necessary for non-accompanying children?

    Hi, My partner's medical expires in June and we will get it re-done before it is requested to save any delays it might cause. I just submitted our app 20 days ago. I'm assuming we don't have to get his children's medicals redone because they are not accompanying him. Can somebody please confirm...
  15. Steph C

    How much proof is too much when applying as Conjugal?

    Well the title says it all. I have spent days going through our yahoo chat logs trying to reduce them to something readable but there are still hundreds of pages of them. I need the chat logs to outline a series of events in our relationship, and also for proof as to how we are as a couple since...
  16. Steph C

    Hand - Deliver to Mississauga?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to hand deliver your application package to Mississauga? All I have is a PO box which I can't even find on google maps.
  17. Steph C

    RPRF Fees - No harm in not paying immediately?

    Hi All, I can't believe it, but I'm just awaiting one more document from my partner and ready to submit our application package! I was looking at the fee payment online and wondering. What is the harm in paying the RPRF fees a bit later? I finish my schooling in one month and will be back in the...
  18. Steph C

    Signature on old form

    Hi, I have my partner's signature on a page from form 1344E of July 2011, but I saw now there's a new form dated February 2012. Should I use the new form and include the old signature? Or the old form with signature? I've been working so long on this that it doesn't make sense to get new...
  19. Steph C

    Font Sizes anyone?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the appropriate font size to use so as to minimize the amount of paper used but not cause eye strain to the IO? I was thinking 9 point font might be the minimum I would use. 8 point looks good too but my eyes are quite good.
  20. Steph C

    Immigrant Photos

    Hi, I just made some small envelopes to attach my partner's photos and the photos of his children. His country-specific guide (Philippines) says: "Photos submitted must be properly labeled at the back with the applicant's name, date of birth and signature" I labeled one photo in the bunch...