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  1. Ketrin92

    School for 5 year old

    sorry. I am from europe. so didnt know this. just come to canada
  2. Ketrin92

    Find available Jobs in Canada

    You can work on-line. Like me. I am working as a writer on some nice site. If u r interest then u can join it - .
  3. Ketrin92

    Program selection

    Maybe u need to find new school?
  4. Ketrin92

    If you need help!!

    Thank you!
  5. Ketrin92

    when i will get the visa?

    Here is the same. I still waiting((( Hope soon we all will get it.
  6. Ketrin92

    need to apply for health card but i cant !

    Hello. I know that you will not be eligible for OHIP. But after first three months u will.
  7. Ketrin92

    School for 5 year old

    I think ur child will go to junior kindergarden. Ur child is too young for school)
  8. Ketrin92


    Was it hard to get this visa? i need to do the same
  9. Ketrin92

    NEXUS Application

    hey!Nexus requires tree years of living in Canada
  10. Ketrin92

    About interview

    If u have really big reason then i think it will be possible.
  11. Ketrin92

    I want to leave Canada for Vacation in summer but they have not even requested for my passport

    My friend from Canada has the same problem right now. And he still waiting for pr card. I hope that soon it will come to you.