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    Unemployed to Employed

    Hi Everyone! Just like to ask if I should need to inform IRCC regarding change in my status, I was unemployed when I applied for spousal sponsorship (Inland) and made the necessary justifications in my app as instructed. Just last October, I was offered a job. Since I submitted my application...
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    Inland Spousal Sponsorship August 2020

    Just making this thread for August 2020 inland spousal sponsorhip applicants. Lets all be hopeful and hope for the best :)
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    Insurance or MSP for Spousal Sponsorship

    Hi Everyone, Just like to ask for an expert advise regarding spousal sponsorship. My wife whom I plan to sponsor either Inland or Outland is on TRV while I'll start the sponsorship, the big issue is, she has breast CA and is currently taking oral chemo. Im just afraid to risk her health if she...
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    Wife with active Tourist Visa

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to seek expert advise on my current dilemma. My wife and I got married in Canada this year, at that time, she was in Canada with tourist visa. She plans to return to Canada this December so I decided not to apply for spousal sponsorship because I am afraid once I file the...
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    Citizenship: Carry Over or Back to zero?

    Hi Everyone, I hope you can help me clarify my issue regarding the road to citizenship. if i get my renewal and be given another 5 years, does it mean i have to start from scratch and Build another 1095 days or should the previous days from the previous 5 years of stay be credited. Please see...