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    Expired COPR & ready to travel web form.

    Dears, I am requesting guidance and information about raising ready to travel web form to inform IRCC that I am ready to travel. Kindly let me know what information shall be included in this form. I will be thankful for any help.
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    Expiring COPR & Visa Question.

    Can you kindly help me about the below query. My COPR is expiring in beginning of June and my current country of residence(Saudi Arabia) has cancelled all international and national flights from March. Now I have following questions, Should I raise webform right away or should I wait till...
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    Schedule A form & Grad Kit Submission

    Respected Members, I have received request for additional documents, which include below requests, 1) Grad Kit: Please fill the enclosed table. This must be received at this office by: 2019/12/11 2) CV/Resume: Please provide A document containing a brief description of your education...
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    Urgent:Wrong date in translation of marriage certificate.

    Dears, I had submitted all of required documents with translations in post ITA application. However I received additional document request for my marriage certificate as the photocopy of submitted original certificate is not clear. Now when I checked and realized that my marriage date on...
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    Expiring Passport

    Hello, I am in process of submitting document after ITA. My wife passport is going to expire in next 4 months. I just came to know that passport validitiy needs to be at least six months. First Question: My only option right now is to request Pakistan embassy to issue non-machine readable...
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    Police Clearance Certificate.

    Dears Valuable Members, I need advice regarding police certificate. I have received ITA and in currently completing my application. One of the requirement is to provide Police clearance certificate (PCC). I am currently reside in Saudi Arabia and as per website PCC is not required...