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    Diported from USA

    It looks like you want to apply for a work permit to Canada. Before you apply for a work permit, make sure you have a valid job offer and your employer has obtained an approved LMIA. Also make sure the job is not a scam. Most job offers are scams. You will need to declare the US deportation in...
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    options after studying psychology

    Working as a clinical psychologist requires a PhD. Same with developmental psychology.
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    EE - FSW Minimum entry criteria met Feb 28, 2021 and IELTS expire on Mar 27' 21

    If you only submitted your profile last week, then I assume you haven't been selected out of the pool yet and don't yet have ITA. You won't get AOR until after you have received ITA and submitted your complete application. Your IELTS must be valid at the time you submit your complete...
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    Best place to live in Toronto/GTA for a couple (wife pregnant)

    The above rental that I provided a link to includes all utilities and internet. The building has this included in their condo fees so it's covered automatically as part of the rental. I have a very close family member who happens to own a three bedroom in this building so I'm very familiar...
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    Is the Starbucks supervisor able to apply for pr? Please please respond me if anyone got know this !

    Yes, you can apply with part time work experience. However you need to wait until you have the equivalent of 1 year of full time work experience before you'll qualify.
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    Best place to live in Toronto/GTA for a couple (wife pregnant)

    If you want a place that has all of these amenities but is within your price range, then you'll have to look at locations that are not right on the subway line and that are less convenient when it comes to public transit like the one below. You have to give something up. Either location or...
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    Eligible for both CEC and FSW!!

    If the next draw is a general draw, then you will receive ITA if your score meets the cut off. The same applies if it is a CEC draw. There has never been a FSW draw. FSW applicants are included in the general draw.
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    Receiving the medical exam does not guarantee that your PR is going to be approved.
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    Two Express Entry profiles

    Not allowed.
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    Two Express Entry profiles for OINP

    No - definitely not OK. This is strictly prohibited by IRCC. You can only have one profile.
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    Applying TRV from different country

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    Work and Travel Inquiry

    There are no jobs or employers on this forum. Canada has no H2B/J1 visa. These are US programs.
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    Advice Needed - SINP - Tricky siutation

    It doesn't really. Your education was evaluated as a Bachelor degree and that's what you should have selected under SINP. The fact a professional degree gives you the same points as a Master's under Express Entry is irrelevant.
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    It's fine if you were an H&C applicant. This is only an issue for people who got PR through a refugee claim.
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    Applying TRV from different country

    If someone is only there for two weeks, they should wait until they have returned to their home country to apply. That's the best option. Chance of approval are generally higher if you apply from your home country. If for some reason a person really wants to apply from a country where they are...
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    Best place to live in Toronto/GTA for a couple (wife pregnant)

    Yes, tennis courts are quite rare. Here's an example of a building that has tennis courts and which is right on the subway line. Two bedroom unit is $2,650 per month.
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    Jobs and Visas

    Once you have a PGWP, you can work for whoever you want to.
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    CEC Work Experience Eligibility.

    1. No, they will not be considered as Canadian work experience. 2. Work experience for CEC does not have to be continuous. You don't just need to have enough hours - you must also have enough weeks. You must have at last 52 separate weeks where you worked 52 hours or more. 3. Yes. Cut off is...
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    Use the correct dates in your EE profile.
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    1. Select "no". You can only say you have a job offer under Express Entry if your employer has obtained an approved LMIA. 2. What's the question? You should list the accurate dates. 3. I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else can help.