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  1. Islander216

    Travel History: Include Canada?

    I would still mention your trips from your country of residence to your country of citizenship however short. This way you provide your whereabouts when you were outside of your country of residence and it's easier for them to track where you weere and when for their background checks.
  2. Islander216

    Study Permit Refused

    He's applied for a 2 year college diploma not a postgraduate diploma, as mentioned by him in his first post. And even if he applied for a postgraduate diploma, it doesn't mean that IRCC will accept that it makes sense for him to incur the costs associated with studying in Canada for that kind...
  3. Islander216

    Study Permit Refused

    It's not just a case of them finding out you have submitted an EE profile. That in and of itself is not sufficient grounds to reject your application. They have a criteria for assessing your application for a study permit, and according to that criteria they've listed the reasons why you...
  4. Islander216

    Reapplying for PR - Contract Work - Citizenship

    As a PR, you are free to pursue whatever type of employment you wish to have in Canada. It has no bearing on your PR status.
  5. Islander216

    PR Application canceled by IRCC

    His degree certificate, needs to be a scanned copy of the original document.
  6. Islander216

    Received mail it's fake or not?

    No one is randomly offering you a job by e-mail.
  7. Islander216

    SIN number

    Make sure you do the online application not the mail one.
  8. Islander216

    SIN number

    It doesn't take long, 2 or 3 days, it takes a few more days because it's sent by mail, in all it may have been a week.
  9. Islander216

    SIN number

    When i applied, admittedly a while ago, they just said that walk-in is for special cases, and they're processing most normal cases online. Apply online, it's pretty quick. You will still need a mailing address however, because you receive a letter with your sin number.
  10. Islander216

    Accounting Jobs

    Just curious, when you say there's a surplus of a certain type of people in an occupation, where do you usually get the information to come to that conclusion?
  11. Islander216

    Application canceled as incomplete

    You can go either way, but the safer route is to say yes and disclose the application as incomplete.
  12. Islander216

    Visitor record refusal

    I agree, when you submit your PR application you either have to have a status in Canada or apply from your country. You can use the pandemic as a mitigating circumstance when you address why you overstayed in Canada in your application, but right now you have no real options really to remain...
  13. Islander216

    Visitor record refusal

    And what was your status then?
  14. Islander216

    Visitor record refusal

    How have you been able to accumulate Canadian work experience in order to apply for CEC without a status or on a visitor visa previously?
  15. Islander216

    Will it be misrepresentation?

    Okay, to be honest this is beyond my knowledge. I understand what they're saying, your misrepresentation ban has to be served outside of Canada, while you're here that time isn't accumulated. On this, i have to let others answer, or i think you should get a second opinion from another...
  16. Islander216

    Will it be misrepresentation?

    I don't think it works like that, she may have been given a TRP based on H&C grounds, it doesn't mean her ban is irrelevant or that if she applies for another status or application, that it'll be accepted.
  17. Islander216

    Will it be misrepresentation?

    I mean after her ban is lifted, so that OP can maintain legal status while her application is getting processed.
  18. Islander216

    Will it be misrepresentation?

    You have to wait for the ban to be over before you can apply for anything, there are no exceptions to that unless it's H&C. But that's a high bar to meet especially with a misrepresentation ban in force. If you're working in a managerial position, could your employer sponsor you for a work permit?
  19. Islander216

    Expired IELTS but received ITA

    Okay, well if you know people who have been able to do it without any issues i'll defer to you on that.