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    any one can help me.

    I will try to contact :(
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    Help plz!

    Check results sites i.e result(DOT)pk
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    Prepare an interview

    thanks for detail ;D :o 8)
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    Can indian GSM moblie handsets be used with Canadian sim cards

    dear have this mobile is this is good, anyone have experiance of Samsung Galaxy, plz guid me thanks :)
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    No surname on educational certificates/marksheets but on passport

    One of my friend cause this issue her name is not found in certificates but in ID card and Passport these have then she go to Passport office and request them to change it and give all docs to them and also go to ID card office , in ID Card office her name changed , then she show this ID Card to...
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    Can I just go to a specialist without having to go to a normal doctor first?

    hi sir i also read about this that in cnada there are more good doctor and i suggest u go to specialist :o
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    PhD student in Quebec but minimum french skills- Share ypur experience

    Re: PhD student in Quebec but minimum french skills you are right dude but have u any other source??????????? :o plz tell me