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    Supervisa insurance

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    Anyone knows about the refugee shelter in Toronto? What is the living condition?

    Could be worse. You could end up in a detention centre.
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    ITN number actually and if you have no income you don’t get one.
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    You can’t file taxes without a SIN number. If you do t have status, it’s unlikely you will have a SIN number.
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    How dose IRB know if you visited your home country or used their passport?

    The obvious answer would be arrival/departure stamps in the passport. Since you need to provide copies of current and previous passport stamp for renewals or citizenship, it would become pretty obvious. A new passport would also be a dead give away. Some, I am sure is based on reasonable...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    CBSA will actually call you first and make arrangements to visit one of their offices. If you don’t show, they will try again. After that, it goes to a warrant. And yes, if it’s on a warrant, they will show up at your home, your work place or detain you if you have any interaction with the...
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    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    There is no appeal on H&C applications that are refused. Only judicial review.
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    Is Return Ticket Compulsary in Visitor Visa?

    You will need a return ticket to board the aircraft showing onward travel from Canada.
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    Converting Visitor visa to Supervisa

    Supervisa have to be applied for from the home country.
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    income tax and benefits for spouse

    Were you a deemed resident of Canada in 2020 You were a deemed resident of Canada for tax purposes if you did not have significant residential ties in Canada, but you stayed here for 183 days or more in 2020 and, under a tax treaty, you were not considered a resident of another country. Unless...
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    income tax and benefits for spouse

    No SIN number, no income tax. She is essentially still a visitor.
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    Is this job offer a Real or Fake one? Can anyone help me to find whether this a genuine or a fake job offer

    Scam. Funny how a family run cheese farm in BC is a tropical food producer with a warehouse in Bronx, NY, Canada (?). Just a tiny bit of research goes a long way.
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    Aunt US citizen( covid vaccinated) visiting us in Canada

    She isn’t immediate family. She won’t be allowed to travel to Canada until the restrictions are lifted.
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    Get Passport back If you don’t ask for it, they don’t return it. It’s assumed as a refugee that you no longer want, nor will you use it as it affords you the protection of your home country if you do (which is contrary to the whole refugee...
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    Australian citizen with Canada PR. Residency obligations not met.

    Again, the issue arises at the POE and a question along the lines of “what is your purpose for coming to Canada”. With that, anything other than you are a PR entering for whatever purpose could be deemed misrepresentation. It’s not just lying that counts as misrepresentation, but also...
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    Residency Obligation

    Wait till you are compliant plus a decent buffer. Applying while you are not in compliance is guaranteed to, at a minimum, draw additional scrutiny and revocation at worst.
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    Australian citizen with Canada PR. Residency obligations not met.

    Couple of issues. First is the current travel restrictions. You won’t be allowed to travel as a visitor until those are lifted. The only option is to travel as a PR. Second is the requirement to obtain an eTA. As a PR, you aren’t eligible for one, and if you leave out your status while applying...
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    Quarantine rules for immigrants

    Seems you’ve never been to Coutts.
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    Misrepresentation Query

    Nothing happens. At the time of application, assuming you answered everything correctly, you had no refusals.
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    Sponsor sister and family

    Doesn’t matter. You don’t meet the definition of Lonely have a spouse.