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    Anyone with higher studies from UK...Awaiting Final Decision ??

    AOR: 19/06 Indian applied from UAE London Visa office IP2 since 20/12/17 UAE, UK & INDIAN PCC UK MBA Awaiting Final decision. Anyone with somewhat similar profile stuck in IP2 ???
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    United Arab Emirates- London Visa Office

    Dear All, I have created this forum, so applicants from UAE with London Visa Office can share their timelines and feed information to each other...I will really appreciate if you all could share your views and observations so we could ascertain our status and gauge our dates. Thank you, R
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    London Visa office -UAE applicants Watsapp group Please join in and share your thoughts
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    *****Stuck at NA2***** Please join

    Dear All, Watsapp group has been created for NA2 stuck applicants...please join and share your valuable comments. Cheers
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    Could you guys please share your time lines please Visa submission: Acknowledgement of Receipt: Medical Request if applicable: Passport request: Visa stamped date: This will help us gauge the time frame and please add any further information that will add a great value to this thread. Cheers