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    Common-Law sponsorship

    Should be fine.
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    February 2020 Spousal sponsorship Outland

    In past you would have had to go back. Right now only virtual interviews. And very few of those being done so hard to say if there would be any issue. Given the uncertainty, I'd say just go to Canada.
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    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    We submitted in Moscow. It has to be through the VAC. Right now the VAC is only accepting through the courier service. I understand at least some of the other VACs in Russia are now working but no experience with them - probably also by courier. Earlier in this thread there were experiences with...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    You try to log in to ECAS or GCKEY and link to your application.
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    PR expiring while stuck abroad

    Understand your reasoning and the limitations you believe you can't live with (esp since employment and covid risk). I do not know and did not intend to imply that there are no other options; I was emphasizing that if retaining PR status was a key goal, returning before PR card expiry is the...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    No big deal, things a bit out of order. Yes, application numbers start with F. Consider you have received aor.
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    All who got FILE MOVED/transferred to NDVO 2019 please join

    If you are a citizen, no issue. If you are a PR, ircc says short trips abroad only. No official guideline on how short. Generally understood to be less than a month. So yes, they can hold it up. But we do not know how strict they are about this.
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    Application received Nov, haven’t heard anything!

    You can submit a webform. It will be easier if you get a file number first,even a temporary one.
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    Do receipts need to be notarized?

    Unless specifically requested in some instructions, no.
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    Actually they seem to proceed with processing in parallel until the lack of biometrics becomes an issue. (Which is uncertain when). Not to say one shouldn't just get them done - eventually it will cause delays - but a few weeks or a month is probalby not going to make much difference.
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    As you'll see a lot of months' applicants haven't yet got AOR. You can try calling (prepare to spend a lot of time on hold) and see if they have a temporary number for your file. It won't do much but let you know they have it. But some peace of mind perhaps. Other than that there's not much...
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    Just kidding. Slavonic is the term used in English for the old Slavic used in Russian orthodoxy and by association with the 'religious' (old style) calendar still used by the church. Which I gather in Russian sounds more like 'Church Slavic.'
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    Maybe it's because of the old Slavonic calendar? I mean, what can you say about a country that had the October revolution in November? [smiley]
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    That's not even four months yet.
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    Family sponsorship application - fee returned

    Seems like biometric fees. Biometrics not taken for children under 14. Although the 85 is for one person, do you recall what you paid?
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    Additional Family Information [IMM 5406] QUESTION

    If in doubt, read the instructions. If not in doubt - still, read the instructions. The checklist is pretty clear. Point 8 says the principal applicant must fill out the form. In your case, only the principal applicant. Note, IMM0008 - you do not include your children on this form as they...
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    *** September 2020 - Outland Spousal (Family Class) Sponsorship ***

    I believe those are applicants under other programs where credentials and experience are scrutinized.
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    Common-law PR sponsorship - what happens if refused?

    As far as I'm aware if refused on this basis alone, there are no negative repercussions for future applications including spousal. If you've continued living together you could reapply as common law (assuming time living together now can be documented for longer period). Or marry and reapply...
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    Do receipts need to be notarized?

    Generally no. Are they in English or French? If so, no. If not you'll have to get certified translation. That's not notarisation exactly but in some countries may involve a notary.
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    Are we Common Law? Have we lived together for a year?

    In your case, the question really comes down to what you can document as to the beginning of your time living together. You certainly could try to start from November 19, but documenting that may be difficult - esp since you just were borrowing space and moving a fair bit. Or you could choose...